Snow Day

By Emily

Sow Day

It' was a cold windy night at around 9:00 p.m. It was past our bed time. Alex and I were just playing when we heard the craziest thing, well not that crazy, not crazy at all. There was a snow storm coming! I thought there would be no school tomorrow, and my brother didn't, so we made a bet. There was going to be hail the size of golf balls, snow as light as snow, thunder as loud as a bomb, and lightning still creepy as normal. The craziest thing to back it up was that a t-rex was on the loose, that's even more crazier than craziest thing. All of a sudden my cheerful mom Kelly Ra Theiss came up and turned off the T.V. "Time for bed," she said. We went up like 12 steps into bed and fast asleep.
Tweet tweet the birds chirped still annoying as they were a year ago, then my alarm clock went off can any thing get worse. Well, it did the min. I' hit the fifth step I slipped and fell over six steps. The result was not good. I should of said anything that's what my dad says when something happens. I' cried for one hour it felt longer than that like 10. When I was done I' went to my mom. She' thought it was series so she took me to the e.r. And she wasn't a doctor so she didn't know what to do. Oh, by the way my name is Emily Jane Theiss. Any way we got there and there was like 10 or 12 people hurt it looked like more. It was our turn and wow! I' was not excepting my nurse to be nerdy like really nerdy it looked like he just came out his high school year. I' took two x-rays because the nerdy nurse we had no clue how to do it so we got a new nurse and it turned out I had a broken leg. School was canceled so my brother had to give me ten bucks.
It was 12:00 in the afternoon. 'When' I heard a big thump and felt it to it hurt really bad. I' ran to the basement there out of breath then there was 5 more than 9 that equals 13. After a min. my mom, dad, sister, and my brother came running down all out of breath to. Is every one okay we all said? 'We didn't feel any thing after that 'so we all played outside. A' t-rex ran around the corner 'and my whole family stood still. It felt like an hour but it left. Then' we went inside and stayed in side. It' came back again and looked in the window we were in the basement at the time so it ran to the next house and smashed it well' it left after that maybe that was all it needed.
Time went by and it was 5:00 p.m. When' I took a drink of water lightning flashed 'and I spilled it on my brother. "Hey" he said. I didn't mean to I got scared. I' could hear the hail it sounded like golf balls hitting the cement. It was 8:30 our bed time I could still hear the hail, lightning, and thunder. But' I still fell asleep. When' I woke up 'the storm was gone the t-rex was captured and everything back to normal. Except I still had a broken leg. Oh, my dad's name was Adam Allen Theiss My brother's name was Andrew Allen Theiss and My sister's full name is Alex Ra Theiss.
The story ended out well and I didn't really break my leg in real life. I wrote this story to inspire you to use your imagination. I wish you grow up and write an even better story than me. I wish there is another snow day and win another bet. I hope you liked this book.