WEBCAST-- Free Formative Assessment Tools

Saturday, June 4th, 9pm

This is an online event.

During this webcast we will learn about 7 formative assessment tools. Learn how to implement these formative assessments tools within your classroom. Compare and contrast the different tools. Find the ones that suit you.

We also have it running on July 2nd, so it appears on multiple months in the MyLearningPlan Calendar.

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Implementing Formative Assessment in your Classroom

Tuesday, June 28th, 8:30-11:30am

10 Empire State Boulevard

Castleton-on-Hudson, NY

During this training you will:

• Discuss the importance of Formative Assessment
• Learn how to implement different formative assessment tools.
• Tools will progress from low technology to high technology options.
• Practice implementing these learned tools

Upon completion you will have multiple "tools" to assess your students in 2016-2017.

Take a Deep Dive on How to "Flip" Your Classroom

Thursday, June 30th, 9am to Friday, July 1st, 2:30pm

10 Empire State Boulevard

Castleton-on-Hudson, NY

There are many terms synonymous for "Flipping," such as "Flip," "Hybrid," "Blended," "Inverted," ... the process is about using technology to transform the way students learn.

Working with Jane King and Jason Adams, teachers will have the experiences of two different co-trainers in the expertises of Science, Math, and in Technology to Flip the Science curriculum.

While the focus will be on science, this workshop is intended for any teacher interested in this process of removing the lecture from class, allowing for more discussions and higher levels of learning to occur.

This is a two day class-- June 30 and July 1st. 9:00am-2:30pm each day.

Google Classroom Workshop (updated)

Monday, July 18th, 9am-2:30pm

10 Empire State Boulevard

Castleton-on-Hudson, NY

Learn how to organize your class; assign and collect work painlessly; provide and receive feedback; check user history; promote student discussion inside and outside the classroom.

Objectives: Participants will gain hands on experience with Google Classroom, Google Apps and extensions.

Prerequisite: *Check with your IT or your technology director to see if you have access to Google Apps for Education and permissions to download additional apps and extensions.

July 18, 2016 (9:00-2:30pm)

Also being held on August August 11, 2016 (9:00-2:30pm)

Ozobots-- Tiny Robots with Superhero Skills for your Students

Monday, July 11th, 8:30-11:30am

10 Empire State Boulevard

Castleton-on-Hudson, NY

Coding is the buzzword for students but where do you start? How do you begin with younger students? What about Special Education students? Ozobots have a wonderful PRE-coding ability to teach coding ideas through colors and patterns.

We will play and discover with these Ozobots and learn all the wonderful ways to use these little (affordable) robots. If you don't have 1:1 iPads, that is okay-- Blockly (the coding language) works on all platforms because it is web based.

And yes, there is an app for that -- three actually. IPads-- good. No ipads--good. No computers? -- still good. This little robot will work with markers and paper as well.

(Makes a great gifts for birthdays and holidays, too.)

Pinning & Tweeting for Resources & Ideas

Monday, July 18th, 8:30-11:30am

10 Empire State Boulevard

Castleton-on-Hudson, NY

This summer, join your colleagues from across the Capital District for a half-day exploration of Pinterest and Twitter.

In Pinterest, we will be looking at Pinterest through the teacher's lens to find resources and share resources and ideas with each other.

Don't be afraid of Twitter! Twitter has a wonderful gathering of teachers, especially with an edge in techy ideas, just waiting to share ideas AND they usually link right back to their blogs and websites. We will learn how to create an account and learn how to search hashtags and realize you can listen without needing to Tweet until you are ready!

During this training you will:

• Learn the basics of a Pinterest & Twitter.

• Create your own boards and accounts

• Start following favorites.

• Find resources for your classroom.

Google Apps for Education – Diving Deeper into Google Forms

Thursday, July 28th, 8:30-11:30am

10 Empire State Boulevard

Castleton-on-Hudson, NY

Do you use Google Forms and are ready for more? Come to this workshop and explore Google Forms on a deeper level! Create quizzes that can be graded with an Add-on, use Logic (Conditional) Branching to send students to a page based upon the answer that is chosen. Add images, videos, and scale and grid questions to your Form! View Form responses as charts and graphs. Customize a theme for your Form! Tie in with Google Classroom. After attending this workshop, you'll be using Google Forms in ways you may not have yet discovered!

Objectives: Gain hands on experience with Google Forms. Participants will become familiar with Google Forms and their add-ons.

Prerequisite: Must have a Google account. Either personal or professional.

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Games in Education Website

It will be held at Troy Middle School. You can attend one day or both-- Or you can take our YouTubing workshop below!


Tuesday, Aug. 2nd, 8:30-11:30am

10 Empire State Boulevard

Castleton-on-Hudson, NY

This summer, join your colleagues from across the Capital District for a half-day exploration of YouTube. We will be focusing on the following:

• Search videos
• Record a video
• Post videos to your channel
• Embed videos
• Watch videos ad-free

This will be focusing on the teacher but anyone that would like to learn how to conquer YouTube could be able to use pieces of this workshop.
Teachers-- imagine that flipped classroom or learning station
--Imagine telling your students to go to your channel to find your videos.
--Imagine finding some cool places that help you strip those pesky ads off of the YouTube videos....

• A microphone or headset to record your own video.
• A laptop will be provided. If you'd like, bring your own laptop.

Apple Classroom -- New Update for 9.3

Monday, Aug. 29th, 8:30-11:30am

10 Empire State Boulevard

Castleton-on-Hudson, NY

Classroom is a powerful new iPad app that helps teachers guide learning, share work, and manage student devices.

--See what your students see with Screen View. View any student's iPad screen on your iPad screen. Check in and see how students are progressing through an assignment or quiz.
--Launch and lock apps with Remote Control. Launch a specific app or textbook page on each student's iPad at the same time. You can also lock iPad into a single app, so students stay focused on the subject or test at hand.
--Reset forgotten passwords right in the classroom. If your students forget their passwords, you can reset them directly from your iPad. So they can get right back to work, without having to wait for IT.
--Share student work on the big screen. If your classroom has Apple TV, you can mirror any student's screen to your TV monitor or projector. It's a great way to highlight student work, encourage collaboration, and keep everyone involved.

We will also discuss (and show) the new share feature for iPads. Even if students share an iPad, they can make it their own. --Shared iPad is a new feature in iOS 9.3 Apple designed it for schools that use a shared device model but still want to provide personalized experiences. Before class begins, you can assign any iPad to any student in your classroom. Students know which devices to use because their pictures are on the Lock screens. And they can access their personal content with a password or an easy-to-remember four-digit PIN. After students log in, their homework, apps, and assignments appear exactly as they left them.

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