Grade 6 Extended

Newsletter, Week 5 SJI Elementary School

Invention is a Process you don't get there Overnight!

Innovation, creativity, critical thinking...all in one short week! We designed our very own new technology to help meet our clients specific needs! We traveled back 550 years and described in great detail the main events in the early life of Leonardo Da Vinci! Through our reading we delved deep into the lives of true giants of science like Marie Curie and Issac Newton! We even made fractions fun! Read on to find out more about another excellence week of learning in Grade 6 Extended!

Virtue of the Week

Being responsible means others can trust you to do things with excellence. You accept accountability for your actions. When you make a mistake, you offer amends instead of excuses. Responsibility is the ability to respond ably and to make smart choices.
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Language Arts - The Man who Defined the Renaissance

This week we enhanced our research, note taking and biography skills further. We traveled with Leonardo as he took his first steps in Vinci, which would help to create the genius we know today. Our research led to some startling facts, none more staggering than the description from one of Leonardo's teachers,

'he was always setting himself to learn many things only to abandon them almost immediately'

This quote caused great debate and discussion about what it informed us about the young learner. Leonardo's rocky start in life has inspired our creativity and diligence as we grow as biographers. We are thinking carefully about hooks into our writing to grab our readers attention. Our writing has a mix of detail and flair, which grows each lesson! Through our self assessment we are identifying ways to enrich our writing further and importantly help with editing our work.

Next we shall visit The Last Supper painting, delve deep into Leonardo's inventive imagination and review his legacy.

Maths - Fun with Fractions

Mental Maths Challenge

The long awaited Mental Maths Challenge has finally commenced. Our Grade 6 extended children had done themselves proud. More than 60% of the children achieved the Bronze award at the first attempt!


We started Fractions this week. First, we reviewed the three different types of Fractions and the Fraction rules. Children have to be able to differentiate the difference between addition/subtraction and multiplication/division of Fractions. During one of our activity sessions, children were given a choice to work on the kind of Fractions that they were most comfortable with. Children were more confident as they had the opportunity to choose and this also gave us a chance to work on the gaps that we had discovered.


This week we were very busy meeting the needs of all our clients. We used the CAFEQUE criteria to cater for their individual needs and wants. We started the process by researching our product and what other inventors have created in this style. This allowed us to identify three to four designs we liked. Next, we recorded strengths and weaknesses of the design. Each negative required a 'So What' moment - make the design better. This process was vital as it helped gather ideas to formulate our technology plans!

After designing four different plans, we choose one which we believed our client would purchase. Through the CAFEQUE criteria we explained our thinking behind our new invention. As you can imagine our clients were very happy with our designs so far.

Over the next few weeks in Art, we will attempt to put our ideas to the test!.

Next week we focus on the impact technology is having on our planet and society. Is it fair?

Home Learning


The Great Debate - Which Civilisation made the greatest contribution to Human Progress?

Due Date - Thursday September 10th at 8 am

Next IPC Home Learning - creating your clients technology

Writer's Notebook

Red Carpet or a photo of your favourite place

Step 1 - brainstorm 15 - 20 words and ideas

Step 2 - create your themes

Step 3 - use a spider diagram to plan your writing

Step 4 - go and write (35 - 45 minutes)

Due Date - Thursday September 17th

New Spelling, Word and Sentence Activity on Tuesday

Due Date - Tuesday September 22 nd

Dates for your diary


-Friday 11th National Holiday (Polling day)

-Parent Teacher Conference (PTC) - Tuesday, September 15th, 3.30 - 5.30 pm and -Wednesday, September 16th, 5.30 - 7.30 pm (Online Parent Sign Up for Grade 6 Extended and Accelerated)

-18th Sept Book Week (dress up)

BOOK SWAP: Please bring in a pre-loved book to swap for another. We will go to the Book Swap during Book Week.

-Grade 5 and 6 Celebration of Learning morning - Tuesday Oct 6th at 8.15 am - 10:20 am (The Town Hall Meeting is also happening on this date, so please come an long to join us at any stage that morning. Celebrate all our wonderful learning this half term)

-UES Sports Day -Wednesday, November 27th