Culture Move of The Month:

100 Percent Engagement

Friday, October 14, 2016

Important Upcoming Dates


  • Emily Out.
  • Kishan will resume his regular schedule/work as a Program Aide next Monday, 10/17 instead of this Friday, 10/14.


  • Each class is to line up outside of the art room at their scheduled portrait time. It is recommended that students are in height order from shortest to tallest. This will help with the group photo later!
  • SGP will give you the OK to enter the art room when they are ready for your class.
  • SGP will provide core teachers with a set of blank photo cards and student labels.
  • Parent volunteers, aides, and specials teachers will assist in placing student labels on the photo cards. Please make sure each student's hard has the correct label!
  • As students have their portraits taken, please have them walk over the the MPR in small groups. Core teachers should split here (one in each room).
  • SGP will begin to organize students for the group photo as they enter the room - this is when organizing them in size order will help keep the process speedy!
  • The final group will be accompanied by the second core teacher for the class photo.

If you are scheduled to support or have a class during their scheduled photo time -

please join them in the Art Room & MPR. We will need all hands on deck!

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How Does Picture Day Impact our regular Schedules?

  • Morning Movers is cancelled.

  • 2A dance is cancelled.

  • 2B Music is cancelled.

  • Kindergarten Big Sing will take place in the GYM (KB will miss this special).

  • 3C Dance will take place in the classroom for 30 minutes before heading upstairs for their photos.

Coverage Policy Clarification

Here is the policy for what to do if you know you have a planned absence for all, or part of a school day, and will miss a duty (including arrival/dismissal) or lunch/recess coverage:
  • At least 4 days in advance: Find someone to cover for you. Swapping is a great way to find coverage!
  • At least 2 days in advance: Email Kate and Marchena the exact duties you are missing and who is replacing you. You must include the date + time of the duties you are missing so we are clear - the emails can get confusing without these details.

Thank you!

Using Complete Sentences

From what we've seen, we have been using complete sentences more! Please keep doing this. It has a profound impact on the way our kids speak, in addition to how they write. It is organic test prep... starting early :)

100 percent engagement is directly linked to strong transitions

Starting the period with a strong transition sets the tone and prepares the mind, particularly the students who struggle, for learning. Script and plan transitions to the letter. Share the plan with Specials teachers. You can still have the students do it again, in a positive Responsive Classroom way, until they get it right. If you need models, there are classrooms that really do this well. Ask around.

Teach 21: Register for Upcoming Workshops

An amazing array of Teach21 workshops are being offered in late October. The workshops will run from 9am-3pm on October 29. Registration closes next week so please select your workshops!

This is an opportunity to attend professional development that is not only free, but is guaranteed to be relevant and insightful to you as it is facilitated by peer teachers.

Workshops include work with Social Justice, Math, Integration, Project-Based Learning, STEAM, and much more!

Simply register online as a teacher at Brooklyn Prospect and indicate that you're paying by check. As a Brooklyn Prospect teacher your registration fee will be waived.

Shared Account Logins & Passwords

  1. Wifi: Brooklyn Prospect Wireless / bcwireless5643
  2. Smore: classroom email / Downtown!
  3. Sign Up Genius: / Downtown!