No More Lemons

Makenzie Goode

How Discrimination affeted and shaped america in the past.

In the 1900s women had started to petition having the right to vote. People thought women were weaker than men, but that is not true. Women were always thought of the stay at home moms don't have a job they clean and cook all day. Many women wouldnt stand up for this anymore they wanted free rights. So they worked on it and began to get a declaration passed by the president Women were a big discrimination. That wasnt the only problem racism was a huge epidemic. People of the native american color were not treted like the cocasion people. They were abused not alot to go some places had their own grocery stores were slaves had there own side of town basically. They were treated very poorly, but why you may ask. They were thought of being to different from other people. That they werent the same like everyone elso, but in reality they are just like the cocsion but with a little more pigment in their skin. Nothing that is such a big difference. The beating of people who were native american stopped in the early 200s. Up to that point they were either slaves in the early years of ameica or like in the 50s and 60s treated ike they were animals and couldnt live like everyone else still being not accepted into the 1980s it finally started to calm down in the 90s. Then got better from there. Today we even have a native american president the first on history i say we have made it a long way. This has shaped america to be better and treat everyone eqully.

What are examples od discrimination in Ameria today?

The discrimination in America today invovles things such as different races, Religion, poltical parties. When it come to being different races we are really all the same just with diferent looks, and maybe religion. When people live in America they think that people should be all the same in reality there are tons of different people in the United states. Some people like to discriminate on their religion because its not like theirs so they have to comment on another persons religion and then not be able to live with that their are different things in this world that other people believe in. Also when it comes to the different races just because there skin color is different or they way look, or the way you dress. Shouldn't matter its what you do its part of their culture and they are just respecting it.

What are discriminations in the world currently?

Discriminations in the world currently are very tough subjects. The discrimination of what people look like. Also what religion some people are and what they dress like or how they were born or how they act. The way people were born they can't change anything. If they were born with a disability. Studies have shown no matter how smart that kid/adult is they are still classified as needing help because of what they look like or the way they act. People also judge for what holidays you celebrate or what you where to represent your religion. Some people don't understand that they might be doing the same thing, but theres is just a little more noticeable. In the world these issues are all over. Which they shouldn't and this would solve a lot of problems even between countries.

What are major events in women rights in the history of america?

When women finally stepped up and said we want equal rights. Then came the soufergets and these women were trying to get women the right to vote. Men thought women were to stay home and clean but that is not true. They can't do anything the men can. Women can do anything they want. Women just wanted to live like a regular citizens and have all the rights just like men did.

How are Women treated differently than men in America?

They are treated differently by not letting women do certain jobs. Not being able to do certain things. Or question them on if they play a certain sport being like thats a guys sport. Even if it is a jock like going into the military people could question you by being like you are a girl and you are going into the military. Or staying home not having a job while your husband has a job. Why can't he stay home. Women just get questioned alot more than guys do.

How are women treated differently in the world?

Women are treated differently in the world a lot in some places. IN Saudi Arubia Women aren't allowed to drive a car or get an education. In many countries women aren't allowed to own their own property. Some places who are really strict like North Korea if a women leaves marriage or dresses to provocatively they will be killed.

Who are the key famous people fighting for women rights in america or world today?

Hilary Clinton is definitely setting a good example of a key person she is the first women to make it this far in a presidential election. If she does succeed then she will be the first women president. Also Michelle Obama is another excellent example she is African American in the white house and she is making difference on kids by motivating them to be healthy ad trying to get to them on how good it is and being on kids shows making her approchable.
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