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Born june 26 1993, which now means she is 21.Raised by her mother Joan Grande in Boca Raton, Florida USA.
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Did you know Ariana Grande is 100% vegan!


Ariana Grande has 5 family members Frankie J. Grande her brother, Edward Butera her farther Joan Grande her mother, Frank Grande her late grandfather and last but not least her self Ariana Grande.


Did you know Ariana Grande is a huge hockey fan!


Ariana Grande became a singer because she had a passion of singing. Ariana Grande sang the national anthem on television and everybody loved her singing. In 2010 Ariana Grande launched a album out with Republic records "The Way" became a huge hit in 2010. After a while she launched a new album called "my everything" which had the songs problem, bang bang , break free and love me harder. Ariana Grande was in the billboard top 100 and had the most top 10 signals of any in any artist in 2014. Ariana now continues her life to be a 21 year old singer and actor.
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