Central vs. Clinton High Schools

The update on the intergration

In this flyer

This is a comparison flyer, comparing these two high schools Central High School and Clinton High School.


Central high was different from Clinton in many ways. Central High was integrated in 1957 by the Little Rock Nine who were Carlotta Walls, Jefferson Thomas, and Gloria Ray, Ernest Green, Elizabeth Eckford, Thelma Mothershed, Terrence Roberts, Minnijean Brown, and Melba Pattillo. It is located in Arkansas. The governor of Arkansas, Orval Faubus sent in the national guard too prevent the nine from integrating Central. President Kennedy had to order the federal guards and the 101st to help integration. This next paragraph will tell you more about Clinton.

Photos of the intergration


There are many differences between clinton and Central High. One is that twelve integrated Clinton while nine integrated Central. The twelve that integrated Clinton were from Green McAdoo. Maurice Soles, Anna Caswell, Alfred Williams, Regina Smith, William Latham, Gail Upton, Ronald Hayden, JoAnn Boyce, Robert Thacker, Bobby Cain, Minnie Jones, Alvah McSwain were the twelve who integrated Clinton High. John Kasper was a vocal segregationist that came all the way from Washington DC to stop integration. Kasper started rallies and pickets to protest the students attending Clinton. Clinton was first school to integrate. Clinton High School let blacks in by the fall of 1956. Judge Taylor forbid Kasper from interfering with integration. When Kasper held a meeting with 1,500 people, Taylor ordered his arrest. With Kasper in jail, Asa Carter, a white segregationist from Mississippi came to take his place. As you can see from the previous paragraph that there were many differences between Clinton and Central.