Tuesday Tech Byte 10/13/15

Mastering Technology One "Byte" at a Time

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Epic for Educators

Epic! is the only kids' ebook subscription service that offers thousands of high-quality books from well-known publishers like Harper Collins, National Geographic and more. The best part is that membership is free for teachers and librarians.
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Creating Accounts

It takes less than five minutes to set up your account. Once you have your account set up, you can create profiles for each of your students. You can even have the students' profiles password protected. Students can go on and read thousands of ebooks. There are some titles that will read the book to the student.
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Each book has an informational page when you click on it. It will give you an age range, an approximate reading time, and sometimes a reading level. I noticed that the reading level is sometimes listed and sometimes it isn't. Just because it isn't listed, does not mean that it does not have an AR quiz. The student will need to check to make sure that it has a quiz and is in their level. I suggest using the website, www.arbookfind.com to look up AR levels and to see if a book has a quiz. I use that website daily.

Tablets / iPads

Epic would be a great resource to use on a tablet / iPad. The app for Epic is available in the Apple app store as well as Google Play.
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Tara Melton - Tipton R-VI Library/Media Specialist