Battle of Britain

10 July - 31 October 1940

the people that were in the battle

on 10 July - 31 October 1940 there was a battle in Britain. the people that fought in the battle was the Germans and the British over Great Britain's main north-west airspace.

the battle of Britain

Monday, June 10th 1940 at 12-2am

Great Britain main north-west airspace

On July 10, 1940 the Germans attract the north-west airspace of great Britain. The Germans had 3,000 planes based in north-west Britain alone including 1,400 bombers, 300 dive bombers, 800 single engine fighter planes and 240 twin engine fighter bombers. Britain had 2,860 planes at the ready. the only problem was the Britain had not the much training has they should have. the Germans have successful destroyed great Britain north-west airspace. 2,500 British people died in the war and 27,000 civilians died.

the of Germany and Britain

the general for Germany is Hans-Jürgen Stumpff and for Britain was Trafford Leigh-Mallory