Niihau, Hawiia, Easter Island, Chile.

The Niihau Island

Hawii's Niihau island is closed to outsiders. It's a 72 square mile privately owned island just southwest of the island Kauai. This island became home to many free roaming animals. It is the oldest of the inhabited islands. You can get tours of this island as well. They unclosed this island. Half a day requires 385$ for half a day per person.

Easter Island

Easter Island.

Easter Island is located 2,300 miles off the west coast of Chile. Only 117 sq. km. Small island. As of 2009, Easter Island had a population of 4,781. It was formed by three distinct volcanos. The island's inhabitants began to build houses and moai statues. The moai are believed to represent status symbols of the different Easter Island tribes.