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School Closings Due To Covid 19 Infections

As school resumed in September, numerous districts have experienced recurrences of Covid 19 infections among students and employees. Some schools have closed for portions of the weeks in order to identify and contain affected students and classroom settings. Virtual learning is once again an option that some school districts are re-establishing to maintain instruction for students affected by school outbreaks. Vaccinations of greater numbers of students and adults, along with school mask wearing continues to offer a layer of protection for students and school employees.

The Delta strand of Covid 19 has so rapidly spread throughout the country, and cases of infections have rapidly intensified. School districts, local communities and individuals alike, must continue to do our sensible, responsible and important jobs of protecting everyone around and near us. We must guard from contacting and/or spreading this dreaded disease which has killed far too many people around the world.


Search for Midwestern State University President

Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas is conducting a Presidential search, to replace President Dr. Suzanne Shipley, who announced her retirement this summer. Dr. Shipley has been MSU President for the past six years. Midwestern State University recently joined the Texas Tech University partnership system, which will provide new and greater opportunities for the university. MSU will celebrate its 100 year anniversary in 2022, and a new president will be one of the accomplishments during that year in university history.

TABSE has members who possess the talents, leadership qualities and experience to qualify as applicants for the position of university president. The school desegregated in 1956 and has slowly made progress in bringing about equity for students, faculty and staff. Wichita Falls, Texas is located 140 miles northwest of Dallas, off of US-287, near the Oklahoma border.

Interested candidates can acquire additional information by contacting the following individual:

Mr. Mark Griffin

Chairman, MSU Texas Presidential Search

Vice Chairman, Texas Tech University System Board of Regents


The Shoulders We Stand On

Someone You Should Know

Dr. Thomas Randle was Superintendent of Lamar CISD, where he served for more than 20 years. He served as TASA president in 2007-2008. He was twice named Region 4 Superintendent of the Year and in 2017, TABSE named a statewide award in his honor, The Dr. Thomas Randle Demonstration school, which recognizes schools around the state who demonstrate excellence in their educational programs for students. Dr. Randle earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Texas A&M University and a Doctorate from Oklahoma State University. At Texas A&M, Dr. Randle was a Distinguished Student, and was named an Outstanding Graduate.

Dr. Thomas Randle became Lamar CISD's Superintendent of Schools in 2001 and announced his retirement this past summer. During his tenure, the district has twice been recognized by Texas School Business magazine for its best practices and earned the HEB Excellence in Education Award for Best Large District. He also has a strong record of industry leadership, including service with the Texas Association of School Boards Risk Management Fund, the UIL Legislative Committee, the Texas Association of School Administrators, the Texas Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, Texas Academic Decathlon, and the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators. He is a Past President of the Texas Association of School Administrators, Texas Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development and Urban Superintendent Association of America.

As one of the founders of TABSE, Dr. Randle has been an active participant in TABSE conferences for many years and has been featured as a speaker at conferences. He was honored to have the TABSE Dr. Thomas Randle Demonstration District Spotlight and Award Program named in 2017. Lamar CISD also dedicated the new Dr. Thomas Randle High School in his honor on Saturday, September 18, 2021. As he welcomes retirement, TABSE says thank you for your service to students for the past 40 years and enjoy your newfound leisure time.

Dr. Thomas Randle

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NABSE National Conference

The 49th Annual NABSE National Conference will take place November 10- 14, 2021, in Los Angeles, California, at the LAX Marriott Hotel. This year, the conference will be in-person following last year's virtual conference due to the Covid 19 pandemic outbreak. The theme this year is "Reimagining Education: Focusing On Innovation, Equity, And Social Emotional Learning". Online conference registration ends October 29, 2021, however conference attendees may register on-site at the registration booth designated for On-Site registrations. No cash or personal checks will be accepted on-site, and only credit card and PO's will be accepted during on-site registrations.

Pre-conference activities are scheduled for Wednesday, November 10th and the opening Plenary meeting will take place at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, November 11, 2021. Full conference activities are scheduled through Saturday, November 13th. The proposed sale of the NABSE office building in Washington D.C. is sure to be a topic of discussion during the conference Delegates Assembly meeting, along with other important business items. The conference will conclude Saturday evening with the Awards Banquet, followed by the Closing Celebration. During the banquet, our newly elected NABSE President-Elect, Dr. LaTonya Goffney and Recording Secretary, Statia Paschel, both TABSE members, will be sworn in for their two-year terms in office.

Precautions will be place to help keep conference attendees safe during this Covid 19 pandemic period. Personal precautions should continue for all in attendance as an added line of defense for yourselves. The return of a large NABSE audience in-person is anticipated.


Chaplains Corner

Greetings from Dr. Brenda Dearmon, HAABSE Chaplain

The role of the chaplain is to support the process of creating a positive climate so everyone involved can work together to effectively conduct the business of the organization. To achieve this goal, we provide devotional opening and closing of each board meeting and certain HAABSE programs and events.

The chaplain offers words to inspire, motivate, and encourage - leading others to experience the power of positive thinking. HAABSE is an organization committed to supporting its members by providing the necessary tools required for overall success in their daily work.


TEPI Talks


TEPI fellows have been influential in the quest to promote African American studies across school districts in Texas. They testified at the state level and local school districts. Due to their unwavering efforts, we are excited to announce that Garland ISD has adopted African American Studies as one of the history courses available for students in their district.

Tenth grade students in Texas typically take World History, but for the first time ever, this school year Garland ISD sophomores can choose to take African American, Mexican American Studies or World History as their social studies credit at all seven high schools in the district.

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Dr. Darlene Breaux 2021 TASB Nominee

Dr. Darlene Breaux is congratulated for her appointment to the TASB Board of Directors representing Region 4 Position B. The TASB Board supervises, controls, and directs the affairs of TASB, within the limits of and consistent with the bylaws, beliefs, resolutions, and Advocacy Agenda Priorities and Positions approved by the Delegate Assembly. Dr. Breaux currently serves as the vice-president of the Alief ISD School Board and is the chair of the board's policy committee.

Dr. Breaux is a 2017 senior fellow of TABSE's Texas Education Policy Institute (TEPI) and is an instructor for TEPI's 2021 cohort of fellows. Additionally, Dr. Breaux is participating in the Leadership TASB fellowship which is a unique board development program designed to take experienced board members to a new level of service and leadership by exposing them to a variety of issues, people, activities, and locations during a year-long program. Class members are selected for demonstrated leadership in their local district and communities, and for their representation of the diversity of Texas school districts.


Texas A&M University Commerce

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To register, please use this link:


NABSE Principal of the Year

Congratulations to TABSE member, Mrs. Demeka Simmons, Principal at Manor Excel Academy High School, Manor ISD, who has been named NABSE Principal of the Year for 2021. Mrs Simmons will be recognized during the NABSE Annual National Conference in November. The Principal of the Year is bestowed upon principals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership skills that have led to a greater sense of student, teaching staff, and parental community support.


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TABSE affiliate news

Each of the various TABSE affiliates are planning and conducting outstanding programs throughout the year for their members and students being served. Those activities and programs can be publicized around the state if you wish to have coverage. Your planning of events and dates may be included in the newsletter each month. Future date events will be included each month if received by the TABSE Historian See the bottom of this newsletter for submission information. Let the state know what you are doing to serve our students, members and communities. "Say it loud, I am Black and I am proud".

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TABSE Partner Of The Month: Association Member Benefits (AMBA}

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Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA) is a nationwide full-service agency focused on plan design, negotiations, and implementation of benefits for Associations that represent Active and Retired Teachers, School Employees, State Employees, Firefighters, Nurses, and more. They are a turnkey benefit provider with exclusive negotiated insurance benefits programs and discounts on travel, electronics, dining, and more! AMBA assists Associations and School Districts in obtaining high-quality benefits for their members and employees.

Currently, AMBA partners with more than 70 associations in 37 states and over 5 Million members.

In 2020, AMBA made a 4-year pledge commitment valued at over $50,000 in financial support and other services to TABSE in support of our organization goals and community programming.

For more information about your benefits provided by AMBA through your TABSE membership visit:


TABSE District Institutional Member of the Month

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Fort Bend ISD

Nestled west of Houston, Ft. Bend ISD serves as the eighth largest district in the state of Texas with more than 77,000 students, boasting one of the most diverse student and instructor populations in the nation. Led by newly appointed Superintendent Dr. Christie Whitbeck, FBISD currently has 81 campuses: 11 high schools, 15 middle schools, 51 elementary campuses, and four specialty schools to address the academic and vocational interests of students. With more than 11,000 full-time employees and substitutes, the District is the largest employer in Fort Bend County, Texas.

Fort Bend ISD is a nationally recognized school district of choice for Texas families of more than 78,000 students in grades PreK-12. As one of the most diverse school districts in the nation, their student population represents countries from around the world that speak more than 90 different languages and dialects. In 2017, FBISD won three H-E-B Excellence in Education awards, including for Best School Board, Best School Principal Secondary, and Rising Star Secondary for the large district category.

FBISD exists to inspire and equip all students to pursue futures beyond what they can imagine, and through the collaborative efforts of high-quality staff and dedicated business and community partners, the District is preparing students for success in educational pursuits beyond high school, as well as future careers.

For more information on Fort Bend ISD visit:

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Save the Dates

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TABSE Annual State Conference

Who Should Attend: TABSE members, supporters, superintendents, principals, higher education administrators, school and college board members, education human resource professionals, deans, professors, education department heads, administrative/educational support staff, teachers, parents, curriculum specialists, students, clergy, employers, job seekers and any individual or organization concerned about the education of our state’s children and adult learners.

Featuring Concurrent Workshops on Important Topics:

Leadership – Relevant issues faced by district leaders, principals, higher education administrators, and aspiring leaders, including counselors and school/college board members.

Student Achievement – Curriculum alignment, instructional design, and assessment development strategies that result in improved student learning. Specifically addressing topics such as literacy, college developmental education, Science, Technology, and Math (STEM).

Parent and Community Involvement – Practices that promote parental/family engagement, as well as building sustainable partnerships that benefit local communities.

Diverse Learners – Discussion of the unique academic needs of diverse learners, including underserved students, SPED, and ELL learners. Exploration of best practices to better understand and incorporate insight into diversity on campus and in the classroom.

Higher Education Connection – Addressing issues that pertain to higher education personnel and students obtaining undergraduate and advanced degrees and those aspiring to work in higher education.

Higher Education/RESEARCH – Researchers may present their discoveries and general research on topics relevant in higher education.

College, Career & Military Readiness – Addressing issues that relate to college access and job attainment, including ACT/SAT success, advanced placement, and military opportunities for minority students.

Educational Technology – Sessions will explore successful and/or innovative tools to enhance student and professional learning.

Discipline/CULTURAL RESPONSIVENESS/RESTORATIVE PRACTICE – Special strand to explore specific strategies that will help educators address guidance and management for students of African descent.

Renew Your TABSE Membership for 2021-22

A reminder is given that TABSE membership renewal is due if not already paid by members.

Join your state and local affiliates now and take part in the exciting and rewarding things being planned throughout the state.

TABSE Newsletter Submissions

Newsletter submissions should be sent by G-mail to "" Please provide name. date, time, location etc. of all proofread material and camera ready photos for newsletter submissions by the 10th day of each month for inclusion in the next months edition. Local affiliate information is encouraged and should be sent at your earliest convenience for upcoming newsletter placement.