2nd Hand News

April 11-15

Spr/ing/ has spr/ung/!

2nd grade has happily welcomed the warmer weather. Students have been busy inside and outside of the classroom.

A handmade Seussical forest is growing in the 2nd grade stairwell. Taking The Lorax a step further, 2nd graders are planting trees and tree facts, phonetically coding Seuss-ish nonsense words and creating original creatures to go with them, knitting Thneeds, and filling the Swomee-swan pond. Our science butterfly unit is starting with the arrival of caterpillars. Who knows, maybe we will actually get butterfly milk out of them to add to the Seussical forest! There has been action with fractions in math, including equivalent fractions and moving between improper and mixed fractions. Next up: linear measurement, where students will see and use fractions on a line. The fraction theme will continue with capacity and a great hands-on project that students will surprise special people on Grandparents Day. Weekly spelling words are beginning to combine previously learned skills with new ones, and incorporating multiple skills at a time. Reading comprehension continues with verbalizing and visualizing what is read, structure words, sequence, vocabulary, and learning to discriminate between main idea and details in a text.

Thank you, parents, for providing special experiences for the kids including peace beads, Secret Reader, ducklings, and seedlings!


  • Stop by the Upper School to see 2nd grade "Emotions" posters that the kids made in Wellness.
  • Calling all grandparents and special people: Grandparents Day is May 6th. We love our grandparents!
  • 4 Square: please reinforce at home that this favorite game is to be played with good sportsmanship and uncomplicated rules at school.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

In partnership,

Mrs. Nyce