October 27th Core Weekly Reminders

Weekly Reminders will be sent every Tuesday!

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Important Upcoming Dates...

Run through order:

Power Jazz
Force/Vitality Jazz Line
Force/Power Small
Vitality Small
Ashley Jr. Line
Mini HH Large
Kirsten Force/Vitality Line
Randi and Hefa Teen
Mini MT Line
Justin MT Line
Jr. Acro

**If any Spirit dancers would like to come to this class, we will run your dances too


Run through order:

Martha Sr HH

Kristin Sudeikis Lyrical

Jess Small

Randi and Hefa Teen

Lauren Large

Sr Acro

Kirsten Teen

Kirsten Large

Nick Jazz

Randi and Hefa Sr

Jason Teen

Jason/Anthony Collab

Kirten Sr Small

Martha Small

10/30 - Jaci Royal Master Classes

6:00-7:00 Mini (Spirit/Power) $30

7:00-8:00 Junior (Force/Vitality) $30

8:00-9:30 Senior (Pulse/Soul) $35


6:45-8:00pm - Martha Small


8:00-8:30am - Jason Teen

8:30-9:00am - Anthony/Jason Collab

10:15-10:45am - Nick Jazz

10:45-­‐7:00 Jaci Teen

12:00-3:00 Angela Force/Power Small

1:00-1:30pm - Islands

1:30-2:00pm - Kirsten Small

2:00-2:30pm - Kirsten Large

11/1- Rehearsals
10:30-­‐12:00 AL'S SENIOR MASTER CLASS (Pulse/Soul)
11:00-­‐2:00 Jr. Acro
12:00-­‐1:30 Anthony Large
12:00-­‐7:00 Al Small
1:30-­‐2:30 Jason J. Jr.
2:00-­‐3:00 Force/Power Small
2:00-­‐4:00 Style Tap Class
3:00-­‐4:00 Vitality Small
4:00-­‐5:30 Beats Tap Class
4:00-­‐5:00 Kirsten Teen *NEW ENDING TIME*
5:00-­‐6:30 Kristin S. Lyrical *NEW ENDING TIME*
5:30-­‐8:30 Beats/Percussion Small


11/1 - Auto Bill


Al Blackstone Master Classes

Spirit/Power - 11/2 5:00-6:15pm $30

Force/Vitality - 11/2 6:15-7:30pm $30

Pulse/Soul - 11/1 10:30-12:00pm $35

Misha Gabriel Master Classes

Spirit/Power - 11/9 5:00-6:15 $30

Force/Vitality - 11/9 6:15-7:30 $30

Pulse/Soul - 11/9 7:30-8:45 $30

Jump Greenville Entry Fee - #940 - Martha Small $50

11/2 Modified Schedule

4:15-5:00 beats/style tap

5:00-6:15 Spirit/Power Mini MT Master Al Blackstone

5:15-6:15 Spirit Ballet is cancelled, please make up in your class make up options**

5:15--6:15 Adv- Adv2 ballet

6:15-7:15 Spirit HH master with Robert Green

6:15-7:30 Force/Vitality Junior Musical MT Master with Al Blackstone

7:30-8:45 Power/Force/Vitality HH master with Robert Green

7:30-8:30 Spirit HH class

7:30-8:45 Pulse/Soul Senior MT Master with Al Blackstone

8:45-10:00 Al Senior MT Choreography

8:45-9:45 Power/Vitality ballet with Marcelo

8:45-10:00 Pulse/Soul HH Master with Robert Green *If you are not in Al's piece*

11/3 Regular class schedule with GUEST teachers

4:30-5:30 Power MT with Al Blackstone

5:35-6:30 Vitality MT with Al Blackstone

5:30-6:30 Spirit HH class with Robert Green

6:30-7:30 Force MT with Al Blackstone

7:30-8:30 Pulse MT with Al Blackstone

8:30-9:30 Soul MT with Al Blackstone

11/3 - Auto Bill

#934 - Al Small Sr Lrg Choreography Fee (Range $200-$250 - if your dancer is chosen, you will receive an email with the exact fee)

#934 - Al Small Sr Lrg Costume Fee $80

11/9- Misha Gabriel Master Classes

Spirit/Power - 11/9 5:00-6:15

Force/Vitality - 11/9 6:15-7:30

Pulse/Soul - 11/9 7:30-8:45 *Misha will be choosing his dance from this class*

11/9 Misha Gabriel Choreography*


11/10 Rehearsals

4:00-6:00pm Misha Choreography *offsite* at Ballroom Studio

6:30-10:30pm Misha Choreography at STUDIO

11/10 - Auto Bill

#938 - Misha Choreography (Range $250-325 - you will receive an email with the exact amount if you are chosen for this dance)

#938 - Misha Costume Fee $80

11/11 Misha Gabriel Residency

6:15-7:15 Spirit/Power

7:15-8:30 Force/Vitality

8:30-9:45 Pulse/Soul

11/15 - Auto Bill

Kristin Sudeikis/Al Blackstone/Misha Gabriel Residency Fee TBD

*We will be charging out the above residency fees according to the extra classes your dancer received. The range will be $35-$75*

Robert Green Master Class $20

#910 - Jr HH Production Choreography Fee $150.00

Jump - Washington DC Jan 8-10 - Optional - $225 Jr & $245 Teen/Sr

Pulse/Camp Pulse - Greenville SC - Jan 30-31- Optional - All levels $220

*Some senior dances will be selected to compete, the entry fee is $50/dance.

#926 - Angela Sr Production Choreography Fee $115

11/20 – Parade Rehearsal (Force/Vitality/Pulse/Soul)

5:45-7:00pm at Envision School parking lot (behind CC & Co in same shopping center)


We will have arrival times, etc. closer to the parade. Please plan on 8am-1pm.

11/24 - NEW Rehearsal Added

4:00-9:00pm - Martha Hip Hop Production

11/25 - NEW Rehearsal Added

Martha Hip Hop Production - We are holding this date for a possible rehearsal. If you are planning to go out of town, please do not change your plans!

**We are still waiting to hear Travis Wall & Mandy Moore's availability. We should know more by the end of November. We will keep you posted!**

Carolina Ballet Performance

Please share our enthusiasm as we support our very own Carolina Ballet Faculty members, Zalman Grinberg, Marcelo Martinez, Alicia Fabry, and Mandy Gerhardt in their upcoming performance of BEETHOVEN: SYMPHONY No. 9. This production runs November 19th trough the 22nd.
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Justin and Ivan will be holding an 8 week Breaking/Hip Hop Session

Thursdays 8:30-9:30 October 22- December 12th(no class Thanksgiving week)

for Power, Force, Vitality, Pulse, Soul dancers!!

In this class, you will be BREAKING, FREE STYLING and learning about the HIP HOP INDUSTRY!

The fee for this awesome opportunity is: $100.00.

If you are interested, please add it through Studio Director, under the 'Special Class Series'.


2015 Christmas Parade Information

All Dancers will receive a DETAILED Parade info packet a few weeks before the parade. This will have arrival times, maps and further details about the weekend

  • Dancers who are participating in parade will receive a T-Shirt. The T-Shirt was covered in your Christmas Parade participation fee that was drafted on 9/25. There is no additional cost.

  • NEW THIS YEAR! The Dancers who are walking in the parade will be doing arm choreography with shakers/pom poms.

  • PARADE ATTIRE: All Participants will receive a T shirt to wear. Dancers will need to provide: Black long sleeve shirt to wear under, Black Leggings, Black tennis Shoes (may have white details) Those riding the float can wear black sweatpants or leggings and red accessories.

Important Dates to remember and mark your calendars *UPDATED* -

**ADDED REHEARSAL FOR TAP ONLIES! November 14th from 12:00-1:00pm

- Friday, November 20th - 5:45-7:00pm: Parade rehearsal for anyone dancing or walking in the parade. Float riders do not need to attend.


We will have more information about what time to arrive, etc. the day of the parade closer to the parade date.


We know a lot of information is going out at this time that is confidential and pertainent only to your child's dance experience. Please be respectful and sensitive to everyone's individual dance path. Please do not congregrate and discuss studio matters that do not pertain to you.

If you ever have any questions remember our studio policy is to contact a staff member directly and they will give you all the information you need to know.

We are thankful to have parents that support CC & Co. and our vision!

Important Reminders...

Dancers attending JUMP will receive and informational email by Monday.

CORE MAKE UP - Every two years, the Core Company dancers purchase new make up. With the shelf life of makeup, being less than half of this, it is important to replenish your supply as needed. This year we have decided to change palettes due to the discontinuation of the previous years' eye shadow colors. We will be ordering Core competition make up for this year through Mary Kay. We are looking at ordering an eye shadow trio and lipstick. If for some reason you cannot use the eye shadow please let Summer know immediately. It will be MANDATORY for you to wear the lipstick and we prefer everyone use the same eye shadow as well. You will be able to use your own foundation, blush, liner, mascara, etc. Below you will find a picture of what will be included in your purchase. The cost for make up will be $38. We will be adding this to your studio account on November 15th. If you have any questions please email Summer. Thanks!

EARRINGS - Now available for purchase in CC's Closet

- Please use the Home Depot entrance for drop off/pick up for weekend rehearsals. The front entrance will be locked at 2:00pm on Saturdays and all day Sundays. This is for your dancers safety. We appreciate your cooperation!

PERSONAL HYGIENE - As some of our dancers are entering their 'Tween' years, it is important to remember personal hygiene! Deodorant may be needed for some dancers that have not started using it yet and/or reapplying throughout the evening. Smelly dance shoes...yuck! Make sure they are wearing socks with shoes, odor eaters are an excellent choice to eliminate foot odor.

DRESS CODE - Please continue to wear proper dress code for ballet. This dress code will remain the same for the remainder of the dance season. For Jazz classes, it will be the same dress code as it has been, but now you can wear colors of your choice.

PULSE - Greenville - Jan 30-31 We highly recommend your dancer attends Pulse! As you know, some of our dancers were chosen to dance on stage with Janet Jackson recently and that opportunity began with our studio's direct relationship with The Pulse Tour. Please add this convention to your account knowing that it will not be billed until November 15th. We will let you know which dances are chosen to compete as we get closer. If you are not interested in attending, please email company@cccodance.com.

*PULSE SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS: Please email Melissa Nobling (mnobling@cccodance.com) if you are planning to attend so that it can be applied to your account accordingly.

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CC & Co Alumni - Look what they are up to now!