Foundations for Life Long Learning - 30 AUGUST 2018

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For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

~John 3:16~

Dear Parents and Staff

In 2008 I picked up a book at a newsagency before a trip away. The book “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch is about his last lecture at the University where he worked after he had been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. What I thought would be a light read turned out to be life changing as, for me, it was a roadmap of what is really important and what really counts in life. We can all become tied up in the minutiae of life but in this book and the associated YouTube ( Professor Pausch tells it as it is and certainly made me think about and reassess the way that I approach situations and interact with people, especially my family.

As we approach Fathers’ Day this Sunday I hope we all take the time to consider just how fortunate we are to enjoy the warmth and love of our family and to celebrate our successes and potential. Being a parent, mother or father, is one of the few journeys in life that we receive very little training for before embarking upon. We can only do our best and hope that that is good enough. Our children really are a product of the environment in which we raise them and the fruits that we see in years to come are truly reflective of the seeds we plant and the love and care that we put into nurturing them. I trust all dads will have a great day on Sunday but, if you’re like me, it’s not just this one day each year that counts but every day when I see my children enjoying life and experiencing happiness and success in all that they do. One of the many gems from Randy Pausch’s book that resonates with me is:

“If you’re going to have childhood dreams you should have great parents who let you pursue them and express your creativity.”

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Please keep our Year Six students in your prayers as they continue their journey towards receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation with their Reconciliation evening tonight at 6.00pm.


We have recently noticed a significant number of children who appear to be very tired at school. Upon investigation this seems, for many, to be related to children participating in online gaming quite late into the night. Whilst we understand that technology is integral to the children’s development and we certainly don’t want to be the “fun police”, it is important that they have sufficient sleep and time away from flickering screens so that they are alert and able to learn when they are at school. Children are often more technologically aware and capable than their parents so I wonder if parents are even aware of what their children are doing on their devices and when they are doing this. A relatively simple way of ensuring that your children are not accessing online data when you don’t want them to is to turn off your router and even hide it away if necessary. Whilst I realise that this may be an irritation for you, it is much less of a concern than having your child fall behind at school due to an inability to concentrate.

Next Tuesday evening at 6.30pm the P&F have arranged for a presentation on cyber safety by Ysafe which is one of Australia’s leading providers of cyber safety education for primary and secondary school students, parents and staff. There will be sessions for children from Pre-Primary to Year 6 during the day and for staff immediately after school. To date we have only had 15 parents register for the evening session which is disappointing considering that we are dealing with such a significant issue and knowledge and supervision are the greatest tools that you may have to protect your children. It’s not too late to register. Please refer to the flyer in the P&F News section of the newsletter for details.


Next Friday, 7 September, we remember our Mercy tradition and celebrate the wonderful work of the many Sisters of Mercy who established and worked at Holy Name School in Carlisle which amalgamated with Notre Dame School in 2010. Our celebration will commence with a Whole School Mass followed by the children completing activities related to the Venerable Catherine McAuley who was the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy. There will be a mini fete between recess and lunchtime for which we ask the children to bring in a $5.00 donation that will allow them to have a cake or slice for morning tea, participate in all activities and have a hot dog and drink for lunch. There will be provisions made for children with allergies. If you are unsure please check with your child’s teacher. In the afternoon the children will participate in tabloid sports with their buddies before going home at 3.00pm full of energy after such a great day.


It has been drawn to my attention that some children have been playing “Tap” on the footpath on Daly St while they are waiting for their parents after school. Please speak to your children about this as there have been occasions when a child has chased the ball onto the road without looking.


The Programme for the Junior Athletics Carnival which will be held on Thursday 13 September (9.00am – 12.30pm) may be accessed via the School website.


Many thanks to Fr Quynh for inviting the Year 5 & 6 children and the school choir to attend Mass yesterday afternoon to celebrate the visitation of the Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima to our Parish.

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WEEK 7/8


Father's Day Breakfast commencing @ 7.30am



Father's Day



Yr 6 Confirmation Retreat



3YO Kindy Photos

Board Meeting @ 6.00pm


Yr 5 Night of the Notables

Opera Incursion


3YO Kindy Photos


Mass @ 8.45am for Mercy Day


Confirmation Mass @ 6.00pm


If your child turns 3 between 1 July 2018 and 30 June 2019 and you would like them to attend 3 Year Old Kindy in 2019 at Notre Dame Catholic Primary School, please contact the front office on 6272 7100 between 8.00am and 3.30pm.


Term Three has so far been a very busy time in Pre Primary.

In Mathematics we have been learning how to measure the mass of various heavy and light objects, using lots of hand on manipulatives. We have also been learning how to solve basic number problems using addition. This week we have commenced learning about ordinal numbers and their positions.

We have been reading many interesting big books this term. One of our favourites was Roy G Biv. This story was based on the colours of the rainbow and we had lots of fun completing various craft and painting activities based on the book. We have been learning lots of new sight words and word families this term too.

We have also been very busy learning about Asia. So far this term we have learnt interesting facts about India, Bali and China. We have had lots of fun learning about Indian festivals such as Dwali, Chinese lanterns and panda bears. We have also been learning about the Great Wall of China. In class we used various materials and built our own versions of this Chinese icon.

In Religion we have been learning about living and non living things. Over the last few weeks we have been learning about the gift of life. We have been discussing in class some of the amazing things that God created and how lucky we are to have them.

We have been busy preparing our Father’s Day gifts over the last few weeks and we look forward to celebrating this occasion over the weekend.

Miss Smith & Miss Gullotti


Junior Athletics Carnival - Thursday, 13 September

Notes have been sent home regarding the Junior Athletics Carnival in a couple of weeks. All running and team game events will be held on the School Oval. Vortex rotation events for years 1 & 2 will be held at Miles Park. Please fill out the permission forms ASAP and return to your class teacher. If you may be able to assist with the running of the carnival please note on the permission form or send me an email. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The P&F have organised a coffee van for the day, ‘Coffeelicious’.

Senior Field Events & 400m

Notes have been sent home regarding the schedule for the field events and 400m events. This will be held over week 9. Please check the times each class will be participating in their events. These will be run by class teachers with the assistance of any parent helpers who may be able to assist. We have changed the format so every child has the opportunity to contribute points to their faction to the culminating carnival in term 4. These events will also go towards champion boy and girl contention. if you may be able to assist with recording and assisting then please note on the permission form or send me an email. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Brett Webb

Sports Teacher


Great Veggie Crunch - Tuesday, 4 September

Notre Dame will be taking part in the ‘Great veggie Crunch’ challenge next Tuesday. Please refer to the insert below for more information.

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The Notre Dame Dance Group performed at the Perth Convention Centre last Friday night, 24 August. An excellent night was had by all. They really did themselves proud. They were amazing and so animated in their expressions! The costumes this year were out of this world!

As the adjudicators said:

  • The costumes were effective for each character on the stage.
  • The dancers displayed great characterisation and performance quality.

Congratulations to all the dancers. They received an excellent report on Friday and this week I was notified by the Catholic Performing Arts that they were awarded a Certificate of Merit for their performance.

I would like to say a special thank you to all the wonderful helpers.

Thank you to the fantastic sewers:

  • ·Mrs Puthikarun: designing and sewing costumes and running to Spotlight many times with me!
  • ·Mrs Lie: sewing costumes and keeping us in line with fittings, storage, shopping and the crazy fun of it all!
  • Mrs Rebuelta: for helping to create the tutus for our scary monsters.
  • Mrs Mack/Mrs Barahona/Mrs Dumps/Mrs Medd: helping with accessories.

Thank you to the backstage helpers who transformed our children into the many varied characters:

  • Mrs Puthikarin
  • Mrs Lie
  • Mrs Boyle
  • Mrs Underwood
  • Mrs Bradshaw
  • Miss Gullotti
  • Mrs McManus
  • Mrs Wyder
  • Mrs Rebuelta
  • Mrs Dumps

Thank you to all parents for having your children at their classes, dress fittings and rehearsals.

Thank you to Mrs Mack, Mrs Lie and Mrs McManus for assisting us throughout the day to help us prepare for the night.

A special thank you to Mr Winsor for being so positive about our creative dance and coming to watch and support our special night.

Mrs Tiffany Donovan-Flintoff

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Congratulations to all the children who received certificates for their wonderful work in the various Italian language competitions this year. The Italian Festival Primary Schools Students’ competition (for all year levels) and the Education Perfect World Languages competition for Years 4, 5 & 6.

Many of our students excelled at answering over 100,000 language questions in the Education Perfect World Languages Competition. Congratulations to Jai Seinor and Ross Proctor for achieving Emerald Certificates. Bravissimi!

The Education Perfect State Languages Competition is on again on Monday August 27 midday to Monday September 3 midday. In ‘occa al lupo’ – Good Luck! Students have fun competing!

Signora Nicolao

Italian Specialist Teacher

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Next week's roster:

Monday 3 September: Mei Lie

Wednesday 5 September: NO VOLUNTEER

Friday 7 September: CLOSED MERCY DAY

Thank you to all the lovely volunteers who have helped so far this term your time is appreciated, if you are able to volunteer please fill out the attached form or come and see me at the canteen on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

Hope to see you at the canteen soon.

Kayleen McLean

Canteen coordinator


As Monday 3 September Uniform Shop is closed, we will open on Tuesday 4 September 1.30pm-3.30pm for Week 8 only.

Thursday 6 September 1.30pm-3.30pm

Danielle Lawrie

Uniform Shop Coordinator


Every Thursday from 8.00am-8.30am in the Library.


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9 Talus Drive, Mt Richon WA 6112

Phone: 9399 2349/Fax 9399 5315

Mob: 0400 234 910

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The Belmont Sports and Recreation Club (BSRC) is excited to be announcing that we will be holding a Car Boot Sale every Sunday from the 14 October 2018. We are currently looking for local vendors who would like to earn some extra spending money while decluttering their lives. Bays are only $10 per spot. The club is a not-for-profit organisation which relies on the help and cooperation of the local community.




Please find attached a copy of the program flyer for Spring 2018 in our Active, Nutritious & Creative Lifestyles Series.

Our Spring series is now open for registrations!

As these are ticketed events, please go to and click on the RSVP link for each class to register directly via Eventbrite.


Michelle Green/Nikki Owen/Michelle Toms (casual)

Community Wellbeing Assistants