voyage mission

When the voyager mission accured

The voyager mission was held in Cape Canaveral Florida it was launched on september

The 5th 1977 on an average it took 3 years 3months and 9 days to compete the mission.

Twin space craft

They call the twins 1 & 2 because they are pretty much identical.

Accept space craft 2 was the first launched August 20th 1977 and

Space craft 1 was launched about a month later September on 5th 1977.

NASA Mission

Key Dates

20 Aug 1977: Launch

9 Jul 1979: Jupiter Flyby (Closest Approach)

26 Aug 1981: Saturn Flyby (Closest Approach)

24 Jan 1986: Uranus Flyby (Closest Approach)

25 Aug 1989: Neptune Flyby (Closest Approach)

Status: Extended Mission in Progress