Reflecting on Student/Staff Care

May 25, 2022

BCS Parents/Caregivers, and Staff:

Reflecting upon the conversations with our staff and community throughout today, I want to thank you for the kind words of support and partnership I am seeing and hearing across our community. I know the tragedy that unfolded in Uvalde, Texas has shaken all of us and it is one that none of us ever wants to experience.

You should know that our school administration and staff work every day to keep the health and safety of our students and staff as our priority. They care about your children and take their responsibilities very seriously by participating in scenario-based emergencies, annual active shooter training, and student/staff drills throughout the year. They are charged with watching and listening as they move about our schools and grounds.

Like school districts across our country, we did take the opportunity with our schools today to revisit our processes and procedures surrounding vigilance and access to our school buildings and grounds. We have completed a "touch base" with our law enforcement partners who regularly visit our schools and campuses. I want to thank them for their role in supporting our community in school safety and preparedness.

All of us play a part in taking care of our children and helping them feel safe. Remind yourself, your student, your family, friends and neighbors that if you hear or see anything that makes you uncomfortable or does not "feel right", report it immediately to an adult or law enforcement.

Should you or your student need help talking through this event, please reach out to your school. Our school counselors, social workers and psychologists can assist you. Please monitor your child with frequent mood and attitude check-ins. A link to a resource for addressing grief can be found using the link below.

Thank you again for your ongoing support. Let us use this moment in time as a "pay it forward" opportunity in memory of the staff and students of Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, Texas.

Thank you.

Dr. Patrick Murphy, Superintendent

Addressing Grief

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