First Grade News

February 8th - February 12th

A glance at last week...

  • This week was National Counselor's Week so we made posters for Mrs. Fortner and Mr. Williams! The students came up with great words to describe our counselors and send love and appreciation their way!

  • We have been learning about the sun in science. The students are becoming familiar with an app called Popplet and did a great job using it to show what they learned about the sun. Some information we know about the sun is that it is made out of gases, is very hot, helps us survive and grow plants and food, is a star and not a planet, etc.

  • The students have been working very hard on their informational/teaching books about a topic they know a lot about. We began the publishing process today!

  • We also spent some quality time with our 4th grade buddies creating Valentine's bags for our party on Thursday, February 11th.

  • In math we are focusing on adding numbers to 20. We have started learning about adding 3 numbers. EX: 7+5+3 (We can solve this easily by thinking..."I know 7+3=10, so then I can put 10 in my head and count on 5 more...11,12,13,14,15!)
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Upcoming this week...

Wednesday, February 10th:

Field trip to the Planetarium (12:40 - 2:20 pm)

Thursday, February 11th:

Valentine's Day Celebration at 2:30 pm in our classroom (Room 214)

After school...CandyLand Dance from 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Friday, February 12th:

NO SCHOOL (Teacher Collaboration Day)

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

A few papers that went home in Friday Folders...

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