Welcome Freshman

Have fun and Goodluck!

This is to starting a great 9th grade English

Hello my name is Alex Pherson. I just want to let you guys in on a little secret. Mrs. Allen is your new English teacher and she will bring the brightness to your day. This year is going to be a blast for you. Don't be messy in this class just do as she asks and you will do outstanding in that class.

English 9 with Mrs. Allen (ups & downs)

Overall I enjoyed this years English class with Mrs. Allen. She is a very fun and helping person that loves music. Don't be surprised if she starts singing to one of her favorite songs. The class is pretty easy if you put in effort. Most of the stuff you will be doing is fun there is just a lot of papers and neatness required. This is the list of things you will be doing.

  • Short Stories
  • Study of speeches
  • The hunger games
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Monster
  • Group literature
  • The Odyssey
  • Poetry
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Short Stories

You will read a ton of short stories throughout the year. This section is really fun. The short stories actually help your grade tremendously! There really easy to read and they are actually interesting. Have fun and make sure you read!!!

Independent Reading

If you like to read you will love this task through the year. If you don't well that sucks. You will read up to four books throughout the year and have to summarize them for a grade. Its really easy but its also easy to blow it off. I recommend reading it as early as you can and get it out of the way.

My advice for the year

Make sure you have a two inch binder and do all your assignments as soon as possible. If you don't understand or have any trouble make sure you as questions. Its easy to get help and Mrs. Allen is very helpful. Make sure You pay attention!