Introducing Axis Volleyball Club!

Check out our clinics - Sunday & Wednesday 6-8pm


We ( J. Chapman & Jen Adeva ) are very pleased to announce that we have started our own club! After years of working with top colleges and some of the most prestigious clubs on the East and West Coasts, we are excited to bring our premier training to the SouthBay. Located on the campus of CSUDH, the ToroDome will be the primary training facility for Axis Volleyball. Visit our website for more information.

Join our CLINICS for a chance to win FREE private lessons!

Our clinics are designed to increase volleyball I.Q. and develop strong technical skills to get you playing at your best. For a list of clinic dates and prices, click here!

Each month, we will be giving away 2 FREE private lessons. Every clinic you attend or friend you refer will enter your name into the drawing. For more information visit our website!