3 Helpful Studying Tips

Great ways to improve your memory

Methods We Use In Everyday Life

All of us have our own method of remembering things. We have been relearning the same stuff from when we were younger. Well that's to make it easier on us! The idea is if we learn it while we are young then it will be easier to recall and use it later. Teachers have to make the new material that they give us relate to memories that we already have. This is a method to remembering things. It's called Elaborative Rehearsal. It's a nice method that most of us do in everyday life. These methods help keep information in your long term memory. So here are some other methods to help keep information locked in your long term memory.

Tip 1: Pay Attention!

Yup! it isn't just what teachers say, you actually have to pay attention to what you are trying to retain. you have to be completely distraction free. Even playing music is taking some attention away from the material you are trying to study. Setting some time for distraction free studying helps move the information from your short-term memory to your long-term memory.

Tip 2: Avoid Cramming

Okay. So we have all done this. Last minute study sessions because we forgot about a test or that we think it's easy. Studies show that students that plan a regular study session remember the material better than students that try to get it all at once. Regularly studying the material helps you process the information.

Tip 3: Use Mnemonics

Remember those cite little phrases that teachers used to have us used? For Example, band students will recognize the mnemonic All Good Boys Do Fine Always/Every Good Boy Does Fine/FACE/All Cows Eat Grass. In science you might have used ROY G BIV for the colors of the rainbow. These little phrases, jokes, or songs that help you remember a string of words. This creates a link between something that you know the information you want to retain.