Franklin Middle School

Continuing Phase 1, BUT THINKING ABOUT PHASE 2


How we end our week with students is as important as how we start it. MAKE TODAY GREAT!!!

The Blunt Educator

Kid President!


Summer Staff Development:

You will need to get 6 hours of staff development this summer and one comp day. These days need to be approved by me before you register.

Upcoming Events

MAY 22: GRADES due at 4pm

May 25: Bad Weather Day

May 26: STUCO Field Trip

May 27: UIL Field trip

4th grade tour of building


May 28: Retest for those who failed STAAR/ Campus retirement party 4pm

May 29: Awards Ceremony/Early Release

8th grade 8am GYM

7th grade 8:30am Upstairs

6th grade 9am GYM

5th grade 9:30am Upstairs

Please check FMS Calendar for other events!

Important Reminders

If you did not have a STAAR exam this year, then you need to give a cumulative 4th 9 weeks assessment.

We will be offering summer school this year. If you are teaching a class that had a STAAR assessment, it is our policy that they have to pass that assessment to be promoted to the next grade level. You need to have an assessment ready to give the last week of school and also instructions on what needs to be retaught during summer school.

If you have a student who is at risk of failing for the year, you should have already had a parent conference!

All awards need to be emailed to Jeri Reagan.

We have decided to make a change on how we use the "green card" for drills. On a fire drill, please place this card outside your door when you have left your room. The person that is sweeping the halls will pick it up.

Make sure that you are letting Kim Munoz know if you are doing a tech lesson.

Go over Emergency Procedures with each class

Sign out in the office if you need to leave campus.


May 28: RETEST for those who failed STAAR.

WE ARE STAYING AT PHASE 1!!!! But we are focusing on Phase 2!!!


If you have a student that is at risk of failing for the year, you should have already had a parent conference. If not then you need to do so now.

Should we wonder why some parents come to school on the defensive when our only communications with them about their child have been negative?

The Blunt Educator