The Negative Effects of Competition

Ways to avoid the serious effects of athletics on children

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Too young, too competitive

Over the past several decades, the popularity of children participating in competitive sports has increased. Between 30 million and 45 million children a year participate in some form of athletics. Our generation is consumed with competition - especially with sports - that lead to children being over encouraged to participate in sports which may result in physical injuries, a blurred vision of the reality of sports, limited exposure to other experiences and false expectations.

Here are some ways to avoid these effects:

  1. Encourage but do not pressure your child to play a sport
  2. Help find alternate ways to being active other than competitive sports such as jumping on a trampoline or riding a bike.
  3. If your child does play competitive sports, make sure they are aware of possible injuries and ways to avoid them
  4. Encourage your child to not settle for one sport, and try many sports
  5. Support and help to find a healthy balance of sports and other activities such as art or music
  6. If your child does get injured make sure appropriate measures are taken and do not let a child play a contact sport while injured
  7. Always encourage your child to dream big, but most of all have fun!