Friday Focus

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

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I wanted to thank everyone again for the extra help and support as I've been in and out this week. Still waiting on results, but will keep you posted.

Here are some updates for the next few weeks:

Next week:

School Board Appreciation Week! (Each class take a moment to say thanks somehow)

Mon/Tuesday: PLC Conference at the Lake and no available subs at this point

Wednesday: Common Plan, PBS Tier 2/3

*Unit of instruction--don't forget I need to observe a lesson from the unit. Let me know when a time would work to observe. Thanks!

Upcoming Dates:

2-5-15: STEAM Night 5-7 (flyers in Monday folders)

2-6-15: No Worksheet Holiday! STEAM Edition!

2-10-15: Staff Meeting

2-11-15: Board Lunch at McIntire

2-12-15: PBS 8:45, Valentine Parties

2-17, 2-19: Student-led Conferences

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Board Presentation Video

Board Presentation

Saturday Morning Fun

Casey, Amy and I are hosting #satchatwc (Saturday Chat-West Coast) tomorrow morning talking about the great things at McIntire Elementary. Join us if you would like! It will be from 9:30-10:30am CST.

Awesome Resources!

Hangout On Air Training