About the networks

Bus Network

A bus network is when all servers, workstations and computers are joined together with one cable

(the bus).Each end of the cable a terminator is fitted to stop signals reflecting back down the bus. The advantages of a bus work is it is easy to install, it is cheap and doesn't require much cable. The disadvantages of a bus network is if the main cable fails or get damaged the whole network will fail, as more workstations are connected the performance of the network will become slower because of data collisions.

Ring Network

In a ring network each device (workstation, server, printer) is connected to two other devices, this forms a ring for the signals to travel around. Each packet of data on the network travels in one direction and each device receives each packet in turn until the destination device receives it.The advantages are that it can transfer data quickly even if there are a large number of devices connected. The only problem is if the main cable fails or any device is faulty then the whole network will fail!

Star Network

In a star network each device on the network has its own cable that connects to a switch or hub. A hub sends every packet of data to every device, whereas a switch only sends a packet of data to the destination device.The advantages are it is very reliable and it has high performance. The disadvantage is that it is very expensive to install,extra hardware required and if it fails you will have no network connection.

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