Camp News

February 5, 2016


Main Text: Special Effects in Film and Television

Genre: Expository Text

Paired Text: Searching for Animation

Comprehension Skills: Graphic Sources, Important Ideas

Writing: Compare and Contrast reading passages

Spelling: There is no spelling for the next two weeks. We will be reviewing unit 3. We begin Unit 4 the week of the 22nd.

Roots: Therm will be Tested on the 9th

New Roots: Mono (found on Haiku)


  • Reading and Creating Pie Graphs based on percentages
  • Unit 5 Review
  • Unit 5 Test- Class Average was a 94% (Wahoo!)
  • Introduced reading data. New Vocab: Mean, Median, Mode, Minimum, Maximum

Social Studies

  • Finished up Famous Persons
  • I've heard from many that the students did an AMAZING job!
  • Continued discussing the acts that led to the Revolutionary War (Proclamation of 1763, Taxes or Acts imposed on the colonies, Taxation without Representation)
  • February 11, Friendship Party
  • February 11, After School Viewing of Star Wars: A New Hope (you must send a permission slip signed for your child to attend).
  • CoGat Testing on the 11th as well (7 have already tested)
  • February 12th and 15th- No School
  • Reading Logs for Grades are due the 19th of February
  • Six Flag Logs are due the 17th (NO LATE EXCEPTIONS)
  • February 8= BABY PICTURES are DUE