Dust Bowl 1930s

Savanna Davis an Arden Bass

What is it?

The Dust Bowl lasted for eight years and blew on the southern plains. It made everyday activities impossible. You couldn't take a was eat your dinner without breathing in dust or sand. People had to wear masks to protect themselves from the horrible conditions. It killed farmer's plants and women had to cover their windows with wet sheets to keep out the dust.


  1. The ecosystem disruption unleashed plagues of jackrabbits and grasshoppers.
  2. It generated static electricity.
  3. Winds could reach up to 60 miles per hour.
  4. Students were kept overnight at school because the conditions were to dangerous to walk home.
  5. The New Deal Program designed to get farmer back on their feet.


Long Term Impact

By 1940, counties that had experienced the most significant levels of erosion saw a greater decline in agricultural land values. The agricultural life never fully recover. Because the amount of topsoil had been reduced, it would have been more productive to shift from crops and wheat to animals and hay, but the farmers failed to do so because most farmers were ignorant about the benefits of changing land use.