Ms. Meyer's

Peek of the Week


December 10th - Boosterthon Fun Run Time TBA

December 10th - Math CBA

December 11th - Reading CBA

December 12th - Santa's New Suit is due!

December 16th - Family Fun Night

December 18th - Class Party 11-12 (Don't forget to sign up to bring something)

December 19th - Polar Express Day

December 22nd-January 2 - Holiday Break NO SCHOOL


This week in math we have been reviewing numbers to 99, which includes place value, expanded form and comparing numbers. We will continue this unit for 1 more week!

We will also be reviewing for our CBA which is December 10th.


Last week we started our unit on energy. We began by looking for sources of energy in our classroom. We will be learning all about heat, light and sound energy up until our Christmas break. This week's focus was heat energy. We did an experiment to see if butter would melt faster under our lamp or in the shade. We learned that heat causes some objects to change states of matter. Challenge your student to find examples of sources of light and heat energy in your home and around you! Next week, we will be learning about sound energy.


In Social Studies we started our holidays around the world unit! We have been learning about where the country is located, drawing their flag, and learning all about their holiday traditions! We will finish up by completing a fun craft! So far, we have traveled to Italy and Mexico! Next week, we will be discussing England and Israel.