Chinese Masks

Seeing the world through a mask

History of Chinese Masks

People in ancient times created masks and mask like objects and prayed to them for protection. People placed their wishes upon these masks. It was the masks job to communicate with the gods and bless the people. The people used masks in sacrificial rituals. Depending on the function that a mask has been assigned it can be an exorcising mask, Tibetan, sorcerers', dramatic mask, and more. Mask can be made of paper and grass, or stones and metals, or leather and cloth, but mostly wood.

Style of Chinese Masks

Most of the masks have a great detail on them. They can have a large smile or a serious face. The dramatic mask uses from very well. The cheeks are very defined. The most the masks represent an animal or a human. The masks have many bright colors that make them stand out.


These masks could be frightening seeing them for the first time. They are large masks that show a specific emotion. I fancy the dramatic masks. The dramatic mask above has scary eyes that stare into you. They are beautiful pieces or art and are very interesting to look at.