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Lawrence has had two confirmed cases of COVID -19, both at the Primary School. The District works with the Department of Health (DOH) . The DOH does contract tracing to be sure to contain exposure for our students, staff and the general population. In the LAWRENCE cases one was determined to have NO known exposure to school, the other limited to one class. The importance of maintaining social distance and being masked at all times cannot be emphasized enough.
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Infectious Period

The infectious period is 2 days ( 48 hours) prior to the onset of symptoms or receiving a positive test result.

The incubation period describes the time between close contact of an infected person and becoming infectious.

The range for incubation is between 2-14 days. This is why people are told to quarantine for 14 days and cases are traced back 2 days to determine close contacts.

Five percent (5%) of people who have been in close contact with an infected person develop the virus ( have signs of symptoms) within 2 days.

Fifty percent ( 50%) of people will develop signs or symptoms within 5 days of exposure.

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The time a person is MOST infectious is considered to be the day of symptom onset.

This is why we health screen and do not admit anyone with signs or symptoms.

This is why our nurses have isolation rooms should a person develop any signs or symptoms once they arrive to our schools.

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The window of opportunity to stop the spread of the virus exists by quarantining any known exposed individuals before they become infectious and isolating infected individuals until they are no longer infected.
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Action Steps

The cases in Lawrence have been coordinated with the DOH and the District acts under their orders. Although they have NOT indicated any further action, out of abundance of caution we will move the PRIMARY School to FULL REMOTE LEARNING for Thursday October 1st. This allows us to know the DOH has interviewed all contacts of the second case.

Please Stay Well and Stay Informed

Dr Ann Pedersen