Miss Heaton's Class Newsletter

April 2014

What's happening in first grade

April showers bring May flowers! Hopefully this nice Spring weather is here to stay!

In Math, we are learning about 10 more, 10 less, 1 more, and 1 less. We are also learning to skip count by twos, fives, and tens. We first learned skip counting by twos using our hands and we now know how to count by twos. We figured out that if we count the number of feet, eyes, ears, etc. on a person we will be counting by twos. We will be focusing on counting by fives and tens in the near future!

In Reading, we are going to be learning about inferring. Students will have to use their background knowledge (schema) and clues from the text to make an inference. We will start out with some fun activities to get us to start making inferences. The first activity that the students will be doing is called "trashcan inferring." In this activity, I will bring in a trashcan of random things that I have collected. Then, the students will have to look at the items and infer why I had these items in my trashcan. In the next activity, students will have to make inferences about commercials. Finally, we will be working our way into making inferences with text. This can be a tricky concept for first grade, but I have confidence that this will help with the students' comprehension of a text.

In Writing, we will be learning about poetry! At first, we will look at different forms of poetry and what poetry is. Then, we will be looking at some famous poems and what they mean. Finally, we will be composing our own poems! We will be writing acrostic poems first using our names. When we do this, I will have the students bring in pictures of themselves or things that they like so we can glue them to cereal boxes and hang them from the ceiling! Later, we will write a diamond poem on something that we are interested in. We will also be having a poem of the week which will be fun!