Unit 3: Standard Form

By Brandon

What is standard form?

  • Standard form is y=ax^2+bx+c
  • Value of c is the y-intercept
  • Value of a gives the shape and direction of opening in the parabola
  • solve using the quadratic formula
  • Complete square to get vortex form

Completing the square

Remember this equation - Ax^2 + bx + c

Step 1. Gather all the X terms on the left side and numbers on the right side.

Step 2. Divide all terms by the coefficient of x^2. EX. If the equation has 3x^2 then you must divide each term by 3.

Step 3. Complete the square. add values o each side to balance the equation

step 4. Write as binomial squared. (x + b/2^2)

step 5. Take The square root of both sides and solve for x.

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Quadratic Formula Example

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Word Problem

1. A leaf falls from at 60m tall tree. What is the height of the leaf 1 second after it was dropped? Use the vertical model h=-16t^2+60 where t represents time in seconds and h represents height in meters
Completing the square

Final Submission

Quadratics was kinda hard for me, but when i started to look it up on the internet, i understood it more better. In quadratics, there are a lot equations for different purposes such as solving for factored form and vertex form. It could be confusing but once you try to understand it, then the equations start to make sense.