Health and Diet

by Anthony Abuki & Travis Johnson


Social:People are producing food a lot faster. The food is also much healthier due to equipment advancement.

Economic:The inventions during the Industrial Revolution allowed for scientists and agricultural engineers to create new chemicals like pesticides, preservatives, and fertilizers. This helped farmers a lot.

Political: The Public Health Act of 1848: Authorities were sent around to check the public safety. These authorities would have powers over drainage, building regulations, water supplies, paving and rubbish.

1875 Public Healthy Act: Local authorities were made responsible for a range of public health issues and given the powers to enforce decisions, including sewage, water, drains, waste disposal, public works, and lighting.


People in the industrial revolution were getting sick by food in the same way; Eating crops that aren't natural or aren't grown properly. Farmers want their food produced faster than ever these days. Now farmers use GMOs in their crops. This relates to the industrialization because that is when crops were finally becoming produced fast enough for the growing population, due to technology advances.

This impacts the world because people all over the world become sick by eating GMOs. Since GMOs aren't natural our bodies don't digest properly.