South Florida Rocklands

By Arielis Hernandez and Aneysha Rios Ortiz


"Whoa!! This is so Amazing!"

"Well, where are you?"

"I'm at the South Florida Rocklands!"

"Well, tell me all about it when you come back, okay?

"No problem!"

Some locations of the South Florida Rocklands are at the southern tip of Florida. Pinelands hammocks cover considered as rockland ecosystems. It's beautiful and lots of people love these places.

Abiotic and Biotic


Abiotic: Something that is non-living

Biotic: Something that is living



- Water

- Sunlight

- Rain

- Wind


- Animals

- Moss

- Vines

- Bugs

Yes, All of these are in the South Florida Rockland and also have a great role in it. We may not notice it, but it is needed in places like this. This place is actually a terrestrial ecosystem. It has very thin soil and the temperatures are succumb, that's right, I'm learning new words. The water is brackish, a mix of salt water and fresh water. Research doesn't state exact average of humidity but it states that is has low humidity in these types of places. Wind carries water vapor which is really important to ecoystems such as these. Also, weather helps with how animals live in some places. The intensity in light depends on the place that it is in. But it usually has 12 hours of sunlight as we all know each hemisphere gets. Pollution is caused bye people who leave trash out. It also affects the animals in the biotic system which can cause harm.

These are some facts about Biotic factors also. Some top flowers are agave augusofolia, daffodils, and sweetbay mangofolia. These are some examples of flowering plants. Flowering plants come from the phylum magnoliophyta which is very popular in terrestrial ecosystems. Animals that live in the South Florida Rocklands are lizards, rabbits, hawks, mice, snakes, and a whole lot more. There are decomposers there such as Nitrogen-fixing soil bacteria, aerobic, and anaerobic bacteria and fungi. All of these things are either composers, producers, or decomposers so here is a little organization.


- Zooplankton

- Crickets

- Grasshoppers

- Catepillars



- Hawks

- Snakes

- Fox

- Deer



- Nitifying Bacteria

- Denitrfying Bacteria

- Aerorobic bacteria or fungi

- Anaeirobic bacteria or fungi

Water: The role in the ecosystem

Water. One word and it is very important to Florida. Over here, it is not needed as much as where we live in Orlando. This place has the right amount of water just right enough for some moist.

Mangrove Cuckoos

Mangrove Cuckoos are and endangered species that live in South Florida Rocklands. It's very difficult to find a mangrove. It feeds on insects, spiders, and sometimes catepillars. It usually spends most of it's time searching for insects. It is very beautiful when you get to finally look at one. Lots of people take these birds for granted. They usually threaten these birds just for the money.
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Classification Of Mangrove Cuckoo

The Full Name Of The Mangrove Cuckoo Is







Species: C. minor

Human impact on South Florida Rocklands

Everything has it's impact on their ecosystems. Ours are several things such as:

- Water Pollution

- Land Pollution

- Air Pollution

These affect the way animals and plants live in the ecosystem. Also things that don't live either. One thing we do to an enviroment either helps or hurt the environment. All we have to do is be careful and observe how we can affect the environment by one simple step.

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