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All in all azhagu raja movie review

All in all azhagu raja is a all in all azhagu raja songs comedy from the director Rajesh Azhaguraja all the time, Comedy Superstar film is teaming up with Karthi. Film director enviable run so far, is expected to continue.

Movie typical Rajesh sales as the all in all azhagu raja songs template, and it is the price of their ticket money will try to offer the audience the maximum laughs. Will you manage to raise the fortunes of another film Rajesh movie ?

When the marriage of Karthis film plays as an individual, his employee, side kick and the Man Friday the king is the head of a local cable channel. King Chitra Priya Devi, a stubborn young woman with dreams of making it as an artist, what is falling. all in all azhagu raja songs Movies and a few odds stacked against him, how he gets his hand is evident. In OKOK Factu Factu bass Nanben da, all in all azhagu raja songs from the film Rajesh movie one-liners are always on the mark. Here it is, Oh Na Na Ho and although it looks funny, comedian, it overuses.

Karthi, Santhanam Video and movies like leopard and sharing good vibes, but usually you do not see here is the magic. But they are officially MD Sir and Officer Sir as the way to address each other, stands out. In the first part of the screen whenever he becomes more of a all in all azhagu raja songs show stealer. Such is the variety of expressions of his countenance.

Saranya Ponvannan all in all azhagu raja songs senior actors Kota Srinivasa Rao continues to get roles, MSBhaskar and adjust their comedic talents. This role offers excellent skills not meet. Karthis father plays the Duke of common authority and confidence.Over 80 flashbacks Jr., Karthik Prabhu body language and voice modulation to be welcomed, though. Efforts to ensure the actor. Lovely Rajan legendary film, reminding us, shines Annan himself. Karthi, film production and laudable efforts, and in that all in all azhagu raja songs time, especially in the popular film Super Star Rajinikanth tips, you will smile.

Karthi eased through his role. Significant improvement in his dancing skills and she looks beautiful and fit. In addition to an unnecessary element of heroism in the space of little sticks out too much.

Kajal Agarwal, simple, beautiful appearance and her ethnic clothes off very well, thanks to its sleek and smooth frame. MSBhaskar training to learn the dance moves all in the second half of his offer a few interesting cases. He is confident about the possibility of untrained and undesirable to sing in the same way, Karthi reactions are hilarious. In the end, Kajal, Karthi, Kajal adjust as they try to convince her about her future, her lover, the father is caught up in the gym pass the parcel is a little involved.

Such Yaarukkum Sollama, I have seen good sound all in all, and raise up seed to his background as Kareena Chopra areas Damon s numbers are delightful. Kapoor said Chopra, seed comprehensive makeover, clothes and products that are real.

The length of the movie and you have to work against the outrageous scenarios will not roll over in laughter, the film could have used some trimming. OKOK and pass such other complete Rajesh laughs AAA laughathons as opposed to a few minutes, spread over though, it falls way short.

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All in all azhagu raja team interview

Director Rajesh needs no introduction. Then interacted with one another in the recent past has been the man in the pictures is very easy all in all azhagu raja songs rendering of comedy capers. It Siva Manasula Sakthi, Boss Engira Baskaran, or

Latest OKOK, he joked that his films, such as the strenth to all in all azhagu raja songs ensure that the end has complete entertainment. Also, pictures of things in every film in the program, all the beauty of the king, with all his expectations are all in all azhagu raja songs running high all in all azhagu raja songs.

After beginning his career as a roaring Aayirathil Oruvan following Paruthiveeran, Karthi, who has come out with more comedy movies all in all azhagu raja songs. What can react Rajesh hand. The end result is a out0 and out fun film. Kajal Agarwal, Prabhu, Saranya Ponvannan play an important role.

Santhanam, Karthi and Rajesh directopr made ​​from a comedy. All Beauty Rajka all, everywhere one-liners laced common type of film ends with a family entertainment. Daman Balasubramaniam 's camera and add music

Image value.


Does not the story of a biog of a comedy film. Even Rajesh previous films ( SMS, OKOK or BOB) had a wafer thin storyline. So all in all is Azhaguraja. Karthi is a local cable TV channel owner, comes around. Santhanam plays his assistant. Prabhu, Saranya likes when her parents Chitra Devi Kajal Agarwal is the ladylobve. He managed to run his business and how it forms the crux of his encopunyters woith Santhnam.


Karthi will no doubt be considered a comedy. Humor is comefortable him quiet. Love the shots, he becomes quiet and bubbly. For him, he is very easy. Mahan Alla Kajal Agarwal nan joins hands with Karthi again later. Vhitra Devi, has given his effort.

Saranya Ponvannan as all in all azhagu raja songs a caring momk is a scene-stealer when Duke plays a typical dotting father. But the film belongs to the original film. Thwe bring the roof down with laughter with his one-liners. Theeond especially in the first half, he managed to convince all of all in all azhagu raja songs the humor of his superior skills.


Rajesh is played according to his strength. He does not seem to take the position. Sticking to his base, he was able to come out with a movie that has all the fun. A huge star cast and a group of skilled technicians will come in handy for him. Film festival at the clock. If you want a good and clean family entertainment,

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