Molina Matters

Week of January 11th to 15th

Feeder Pattern News

I'd like to thank all of our schools for expediting the disaggregation of our ACP data. Our schools have already analyzed the data, and have updated their instructional calendars, redesigned student interventions, and are in the process of starting Saturday school.

We want to wish you well this week during parent conferences. Please make sure that you provide these select parents with the following information during your conferences:

  • SSI information for all 5th and 8th grade parents (30 minute session led by teachers and administrators is highly recommended).
  • Clear action plan, and formal RtI support explained to any parent of a student at risk of failing STAAR/EOC and/or the school year.

Thank you y mil gracias!

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January Parent Conference Expectations

January parent conferences are quickly approaching. Please consider the following resources in setting high expectations for parent attendance at 90% or higher per teacher section, and as an opportunity to engage our parents/students in powerful dialogue during this time.


Happy Birthday!

Jan. 14th - Macario Hernandez, Garza AP

Congratulations to Molina HS and Garza ECHS for winning the coveted CREST Counseling Award!

Kudos to the Counseling Teams at Molina and Garza!

Team Molina Counselors:

Armstrong, Mata F

Gilmore, Tiffany D

Gloria, Ruth

Jones, Loree V

Maddox, Mary R and

Martin, Pebbles N

Team Garza Counselors:

Davis, Monica D

Greenwood, Jazmin A

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Instructional Corner News

From our Academic Facilitator Rita...

What a week! Thank you for the purposeful Professional Development provided and eager participation of those who attended the Lead4Ward Intervention training. A big thank you to Cochran Elementary for their hospitality.

Please take some time review how our Feeder High School ACP results compared to our accountability cluster. Kudos to our leaders in Economics, AP Chemistry, Algebra II, AP Geometry, and AP Calculus.

Data talks and planning this week with CICs and teachers have been productive. Moving forward, I will work with CIC to ensure we are monitoring and supporting data based reinforcment of high leverage standards.

Have a great week and as always feel free to reach out when needed!


Title III Funding for Before, After School and/or Saturday Tutoring Program for English Language Learners (ELLs) in Reading and Mathematics - Elementary and Secondary Principals

Mandatory Naviance Training - Master Schedule Course Planner - Secondary Principals only

STEM Day (Saturday, February 6, 2016) Principals and Counselors

TEI Expert Meeting

Tuesday, Jan. 12th, 4:45-5:45pm

4510 West Jefferson Boulevard

Dallas, TX

I have shared with our principals time and time again how lucky we were to have an excellent group of TEI experts in the Molina feeder pattern. I want to take this time to express the importance of sharing resources with each other to ensure that the message to the staff from the TEI experts and principals is congruent. Please make time to meet with your principal and develop a “united front” message that you can deliver to your school’s staff. You’re deliberate actions are the key in developing a positive culture through the second year of the TEI evaluation system. We appreciate your “sense making” at the campus level in making sure TEI is a successful initiative.

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