Is Your Leader Wasting Your Money?

Tweed arrested NOV 23, 1876 By Sage Peterson

Is Tweed A Bad Leader

A famous politician was arrested today. His name is William Tweed or as some know him "boss". He was arrested because of charges of $200,000,000 of fraud. It makes us all think what are the politicians doing with are money. Tweeds plan was were to take realistate and over price it. There is also cases of Tweed committing election fraud, bribes, corruption, and kickbacks.

What Has Been Done About This?

With this case the government has started finding ways to stop this. Some ideas are the Federal reserve System witch keeps track of money. The 16th, 17th, and 18th Amendment. Also the pendleton Civil Service Act. There are rumors that for a long time the police just looked the other way and let Tweed commit these crimes.
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