VACDES Newsletter

January/February 2023

Dear Families,

I cannot believe we are already over half way through the school year! We started a new schedule when we came back in January which gives students more opportunities to move during the day. We are continuing to focus on academics to make sure our students are well prepared for the world. In order for them to get the most out of the school year, they need to be at school. Last year we had close to one-fourth of our students considered chronically absent. To be chronically absent, you have to miss 10% or 18 days in the school year whether it is unexcused or excused. Research shows how detrimental those absences are to students throughout their school careers. As a result, the division is having an attendance competition throughout the month of January. I am hoping that VACDES will be the winner - not only for our school, but for our students. Thank you for making sure your students are at school and ready to learn. We do have some upcoming events.

Upcoming Events:

  • January 16 - School Closed

  • January 20 - Glow Party after school until 4pm

  • January 23 - Globalpalooza for students at school

  • February 11 - Valentine Dance sponsored by the PTO

  • February 17 - No school for students - Teacher Professional Development

  • February 20 - School Closed

  • Our Empowered Learning Focus is Compassionate and Cultural Citizenship for the month of January. For the month of February it will be Collaboration and Communication. Talk to your child about ways each of these dispositions can be used in life.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to support you as we work together to educate your children.

Thank you,

Lisa Pluska, principal


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Virginia Avenue Charlotte DeHart Elementary School


Mr. Phillips

Ms. Hutchinson


Ms. Dean

Ms. Gallagher

Ms. Ramirez

Ms. Peters

Ms. Vidal

First Grade:

Ms. Holthaus

Ms. Chilcott

Ms. Weese

Ms. Garcia

Ms. Vidal

Second Grade:

Ms. Walther

Ms. Winner

Ms. Clemens

Ms. Hernandez

Third Grade:

Ms. Swogger

Ms. Searfoss

Ms. Baker

Ms. Aravelo Lips

Ms. DiMarco

Fourth Grade:

Ms. Amsler

Ms. Colburn

Ms. Hanks

Ms. Geesaman

Ms. DiMarco


Mr. Thompson

Special Education Teachers:

Mr. Wright

Ms. Tucker

School Counselors:

Ms. Hill (4 days a week)

Special Classes:

PE/Health: Mr. Jett

Art: Ms. Fabin

Music: Ms. Stratton

STEAM: Mr. Strosnider

Library: Ms. Genay


Ms. Baker-Anderle

Ms. Hedden

Ms. Santos Bjelland

Ms. Conaboy

Important Times To Remember in 2022-2023...

Each school day officially at 7:50am in the classroom (students are tardy if they arrive after this time). If your child is late, a parent must sign them in at the office.

Each school day officially ends at 2:30pm. Students that leave early do lose attendance time. All parts of the school day are important!

Tardies: Please make sure your child is not missing instruction. Our tardy bell rings at 7:50am.

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