Dauphin Trading House

By Shayne McGrath

North West Company

I came to the new world to start a new life and I heard the way to do it was to open a trading post. I had the choice to align myself with the Hudson's Bay Company or the North West Company and after extnesive research I have chosen the path of the NWC.

On my travels I have come in contact with numerous Aboriginal peoples and they have all had such great views on North West Company. They have shared that unlike Hudson's Bay Company, North West Company goes out and gets their own furs for trading. They also attempt at building relationships with the Aboriginals. Hudson's Bay Company expects their customers to come to them and have strict laws against European/Aboriginal reproduction.

North West Company is certainly the right choice for me because I have more freedom in setting up my post and also there are no rules against starting a family between the two cultures.

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Location of Post

After portaging for days with my canoe through Lake Winnipeg and eventually Lake Winnipegosis I have come across a small town just off the coast of Lake Winnipegosis. There are an abundance of settlements and houses laid out as far as the eye can see. Someone I met told me the town was named Dauphin by a French explorer in the mid 18th century. They told me about the warm summers and decent winters. Beavers are spotted in Lake Winnipegosis on a daily basis and coyotes and bears conquer the forest. The lake provides decent transportation and many people have grain farms in the area so they are never short on bread. The moist ground makes for good vegetation. The only thing that appears unattractive about this town is the frequent rain. Many Aboriginals and Metis inhabit this area.

I will set up my post right along the coast for good transportation and all the natives are very close by so relationship building will be simple. I've been told that there are a few HBC posts set up in the area but they don't do very well because they mistreat the Aboriginals.

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Business Partners

I will partner up with the large population of Iroquois and Metis because they are peaceful and very open minded people. They can show me their ways in hunting and and all the different sides to their culture. I will introduce them to different food in Europe and the different customs we have. I'm excited to learn how to properly perfect furs and the different value for each animal. This is the lifestyle I have been dreaming of and am ready to broaden my knowledge.