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The BIG Questions

  • How do teachers integrate knowledge of standard types (process – readiness – supporting) into planning and delivering instruction?

  • How do we analyze data to focus our instructional improvement efforts?

  • What are ways we can link our analysis to teacher evaluation, the campus improvement plan, and our professional development plan?

  • How do we move to action?
Focus Standards Across the Curriculum

MWISD Focus Standards k-12

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The BIG Questions

• Why is teaching for transfer so important to success on STAAR?

• How do teachers use the PLC for the PLC menu to teach for transfer?

• How do process standards create the context for formative assessment?

• How can we use the IQ released tests to plan for instruction?

• How do we flip our PLC?

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PLC Storyboard

Elements for an effective PLC meeting lead4ward

The BIG Questions

• Who needs intervention and enrichment?

• What concepts do students need support, intervention, and enrichment?

• How can we organize intervention groups and set goals with individual students?

• How can we use the PLC for PLC menu to plan for intervention?


Quintile reports can be created using Eduphoria. This webinar makes the work specific to individual students. What has been successful for students in the past? What have we been doing repeatedly in the past that isn't successful? What can the teacher do differently? Our most at-risk students need face-to-face intervention rather than computer programs.
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Webinar 4 - Adapting Intervention

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The BIG Questions

• How do we adapt intervention based of our local data?

• Which concepts require intervention and which might be retaught?

• How can students map their progress and prioritize intervention?

• How can we APPLY what we have learned?

Fact or Fib

Template and Directions for Fact or Fib instructional strategy

Odd One Out

Template and Instructions for Odd One Out instructional strategy

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