Grandfather's life

how was my grandfather's life in the 1940s compare to today

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Background of my grandfather's parents

My great grandmother's name was Julia Angel. My grandfather describes her as one of the sweetest women ever, he told me that she was a house lady. She had a side store that was very popular where she sold bread goods. My great grandfather was Martin Obando. he owned a super market where he sold his own cattle or other crops but he also sold clothes. as my granddad describes him he sounds like a very strong person he was very strict. he was also a farmer he owned many cattle, bulls, pigs, and also crops.

Home Town

my grand dad was born in Hispania, Antioquia, Colombia

grandads favorite hobbies

He told my that he loved soccer and if he wasn't so old he would play it all the time. If he was on his dads farm he would love to rice his horse without a harness he told me that if felt like the wind was rushing through his veins.

grandpa's work

my grandad worked on my great grandpa's farm cultivating since the age of 10 to when he joined the colombian military as a telegrapher or communicator

Military life

my grandfather's life was in the military was normal he was a communicator he was taught how to use a weapon so he reseived training