Perseus Kills Medusa

By James M, Matt N, and Theo L | Period 6

A summary of the myth come true

A king's daughter had a son. The king heard a prophecy which told of his grandson killing him, so he put his daughter and gransdon in a chest. They landed on an island, and the king there wanted to remove Perseus. He sent Perseus to slay Medusa. With help from Zeus (he sent Athena and Hermes), he killed Medusa. Perseus came back and petrified the king with Medusa's head's glare. Perseus and his mother went to yet another island and entered a discus throwing contest. he ended up killing his grandfather in the stands with the discus. Perseus gets married and has children.

MORAL: You can't avoid bad things that will happen.

By Theo L.

ABOVE: Perseus with Medusa's head


Interview on Perseus

Reporter: How does it feel to be the one that killed Medusa?

Perseus: It was difficult but i managed to do it.

Reporter: Did you find out who your father was?

Perseus: Yes, I found out that my father is Zeus, God of all gods and the sky.

Reporter: Who did you get help from for this mission?

Perseus: I got help from Hermes and Athena.

Reporter: What items did they give you for help?

Perseus: They gave me a magical sack that can hold anything, a helmet that can make me invisible, a silver sword, and a shield.

Reporter: How did you kill Medusa?

Perseus: I used the shield so I could see where she is without looking into the eyes and turning me to stone. I also used the invisible helmet so she could't see me.

Reporter: Was is a hard mission to complete?

Perseus: It was difficult, but I was able to accomplish the mission.

Reporter: How is it to be a god?

Perseus: It is a lot of fun and I have a lot of freedom and it is my job to save people because people rely on me.

Reporter: How did you feel when you killed Medusa?

Perseus: I felt great because it was bit of a struggle and people have died to kill her before but never succeeded.

Reporter: What was the most difficult thing about killing Medusa?

Perseus: The most difficult thing was not trying to look her in the eyes because if you do you will turn to stone.

Reporter: What did you end up doing with Medusa's head after you cut it off?

Perseus: I gave it to Athena to put it in the shield I used to kill Medusa as a memory.

By Matt N.

ABOVE: Family Tree

Where did he go?

They traveled to multiple islands (we don’t know the name of the islands), and visited a king as well as the Olympics.

By James M.

ABOVE: Another Perseus with medusa's head

Symbol of Perseus

A symbol is a helmet that made Perseus invisible, and he used it to be unseen by Medusa to kill her. Another symbol of Perseus is the shield that withholds Medusa’s head. He used the shield to reflect Medusa’s image back to her and turn her to stone.

By Theo L.

Similarities and Differences of perseus and Superman

Superman and Perseus are both famous for their time (duh). Superman’s greatest weakness is kryptonite, and Perseus isn’t. They both save people, and can both fly. Both were abandoned by family / grandparents.

By James M. and Theo L.