Hernan Cortez

Perhaps the greatest explorer ever?

By Ethan Aldous


Hernando Cortes was born in 1485, in Medillin Spain. He was a spanish man, Conquistidor, and explorer, and the Spanish royal court supported his voyages. All the things he did was for spain. Eventually he died Dec. 2 1547

Death :(

Hernan Cortes died of pleurisy. Pleurisy is a condition in which your lung tissue swells and hurts when you breath. It is caused by other diseases like pneumonia. People remember him as one of the best explorors that ever lived...

What did this guy even do?

Hernan Cortes was a conquistidor and exploror. He invaded the Aztec empire. He kidnapped their leader Montezuma and killed him. He drove all the Aztecs out of their country and took over the city. He brought over men, spanish foods, and spanish animals like horses. This may explain how horses ended up in America. He brought over spanish culture to what is now Mexico. In a way you could say that Hernan Cortes "Influenced" Mexico.

What About when he was younger?

Hernan Cortes had always been interested in the journeys of Columbious, so that played a huge role in inspiration. His parents sent him to a university to teach him about law. Soon after he got the opportunity to go on a sailing trip. He joined the conquistidors and that was when things started.

And this affects me how?

Well think about it, do you like Spanish and Mexican food? Well Hernan Cortes brought over lots of spanish culture, which influenced Mexican culture. He brought over lots of spices and animals with him. He also dicovered what is now california.

Hernan cortes conquerd a major civilization, which is no small task. This man overthrew one of the biggest native civilizations in history!

Hernán Cortés - Mini Biography
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