Nine Hundred Miles

Arranger: Phillip E Silvey; Composer: ?; Original Artist: ?

Project By Lauren Pulliam

Time Signature- Common Time (4/4)

Parts-3 (Soprano, Alto, Bass)

Facts- The song paints the story of a mysterious person walking down train tracks, reading a letter "from his home" crying. Later, the person supposedly gets on the train, as he is 900 miles from his home.

The song creates a very dark and somber environment, resulting that the "narrator/singer" in the song sounds almost suicidal.

Folk music was believed to be created during prehistoric human times, though it came back with a very large influence in the early 20th century.

Folk music is considered music that is usually played by ear, written by anonymous composers, and uses more raw sounding instruments.

Haven't Met You Yet

Composer: Micheal Buble, Alan Chang, and Amy Foster; Original Artist: Micheal Buble; Arrangement: Alan Billingsley

Time Signature- Common Time (4/4)

Parts- 3 (Soprano, Alto, Baritone)

Facts- Micheal Buble is a Canadian jazz singer

Haven't Met You Yet is about a guy trying to find the right love for himself, and how he tries to stay optomistic. The ending of the song makes us believe that he will keep waiting, but is accepting of his situation.

This is one of his two original songs and his first single on his fourth album Crazy Love.

Buble got the inspiration when he met a girl who couldn't speak English that he took his fancy with but she already had a lover.

This was the first single made by a jazz crooner to reach the Top 30 Billboard singles since 2003.

The song won Single of the Year in the 2010 Juno Awards.

Contrasting; Nine Hundred Miles and Haven't Met You Yet

Nine Hundred Miles engulf the listener in a dull and gloomy world, as we follow a mysterious singer who sings about his forlorn for his home, and whenever he hears the train his heart begins to ache even more. On the other hand, Haven't Met You Yet talks about the bittersweetness of a man trying to find his right love, yet he tries to stay positive. While the composition of Nine Hundred Miles is eerie and dark, Haven't Met You Yet has a catchy upbeat that makes the listener feel generally happy though the lyrics act as an underlying sad feeling, making the song bittersweet.