NEWSLETTER Volume I Issue 1


Volumes have been written about this difficult human experience, in an effort to understand its many facets and teach people how to escape its clutches. Next to depression, which can also co-occur with anxiety, this is the one emotional struggle that cause the most people to turn to their doctor and or a mental health professional for relief.

It is a key underlying cause of substance abuse, sleep problems, anger, attention problems, interpersonal relationship problems, and the list can go on and on. Anxiety is the primary source of angst for the majority of people suffering with angst and it is primarily, self generated. That's the good news, because if it is self generated, then is can be conquered.

So, exactly what is anxiety? In a nutshell, in its simplest definition, it is, fear or worry. We all have a unique threshold of tolerance for both of these emotions, and when our respective thresholds of tolerance are met, then we start to develop "symptoms" of a variety of disorders.

Knowing your child's threshold, a being in tuned to when your child's coping mechanism have been tapped out, can protect your child from looking for relief in the form of: avoidance, substance abuse, cutting behaviors, suicidal ideation, defient behavior, anger and agrression, and the big one, turning to drugs and/or alcohol for relief.