By: Marta Blanco

Why is he an everyday hero?

Temar Boggs is an everyday hero because he saved a girl of 5 years old from a kidnapper. The girl was playing outside her house, when a car stopped in front of her and the driver offered an ice cream. The girl went for the ice cream, and the driver took her in the car. The family saw that she dissapeared and telephoned the police. Temar Boggs and his friend went to find her, when they saw a car with the girl. They began to follow the car until the driver stopped it in a corner and left the girl.
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Future job

Temar Boggs doesn't work because he is 17 years old, but he likes running. A typical day for a runner means starting training at 8.00am to 6.00pm. A runner works in competitions. To be a runnner you need only this skill: speed.
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My opinion

I would hate to be a runner because it is so tiring. I'd prefer to be a vet because I love animals and I want to look after them.
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