Life Group UPDATE

October 18 & 19, 2014

Transformed week 4 is time to ask "What's Your Next Step?"

We're in week three of Transformed and we are hearing great reports. Already several of the new groups have said they are going to continue on as a Life Group. We are so thankful to God for you, and for all of you group leaders.

Week 4 as we said in Orientation is the "What's Your Next Step" form time. So, in all the groups, you will want to pass out the What's Your Next Step forms that were in your packet from the church. Take 60 seconds and have everyone fill one out and turn it in to you. Then email us the general result: "4 new people continuing with us," etc. or "Our new group is choosing to continue on" or otherwise.

New leaders and hosts, the one-time Basic Training for Life group leaders is Wed. Nov. 5 at 6:30pm. If you lead a Wed. night group, come to the alternate session on Sunday, Nov. 9 at 9:30am. Basic is required of all Life Group leaders to take. At basic we equip you to "go long" with your group, do group in a way that is simple and sustainable, and at the same time include all the vital elements of a healthy group. We'll cover curriculum as well.

Woodland: We Need Your Vehicle!

Do you have a car, van, or truck you can decorate and bring to Buffalo Creek Middle School in Parrish Friday night, October 31! It doesn't have to be fancy. In fact, simple decorations are great! We provide the candy. Just bring a large basket or other container to put in your trunk for it to go in. You will need to be parked by 6pm and decorated by 6:30pm when we start the Fall Festival Parrish. This is a great outreach to the community. Last year we had nearly 1,000 people.

Contact Kevin Bowder
, our Woodland at Parrish Campus Pastor to let us know you will bring, decorate, and man a vehicle (6:00-9:00pm). Or sign up in the lobby this weekend at church.

What is Trunk or Treat? It's like trick or treat but kids go from trunk to trunk in the parking lot of the school. You stand by the trunk and greet and have fun interacting with the families who come through. It's a lot of fun to see the kids. (And if you are competitive, there is a $100 gift certificate to the Ellenton outlet mall for the best design.)

Florida Baptist Convention: "Real Reason to Legalize Marijuana"

At right: actual "medical marijuana distribution center" logo in Phoenix.

Here is an email sent from the Florida Baptist Convention to all Florida Baptist Churches, including Woodland:

Dear Pastor and Church Leaders:

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd has made the following observation: “I’m sure many of you have likely heard the recent radio/TV commercials featuring John Morgan of the law group Morgan and Morgan, attempting to gain a sympathy vote by telling you that medical marijuana can help fight diseases such as cancer, AIDS, ALS and glaucoma. When in reality, the real reason is disguised and designed to be the first step for total legalization. John Morgan’s position is rejected by medical professionals. Who are you going to believe? Knowledgeable and respectable physicians or a person injury attorney who stands to make millions of dollars from future law suits based on torts by those using marijuana or injured by those using marijuana?”

We must defeat this amendment! It will be harmful to our future! Join other concern Florida Baptists in getting out the vote on November 4, 2014. We do not need this in our state. Access the following website to download Sunday bulletin inserts or to check out additional resources available on website:

Encourage your church members to Vote NO on Amendment 2, on the general election ballot, November 4, 2014. --------

Below is an actual Medical Marijuana Center display in Colorado, and is typical. Does that look like medicine? These so-called medial dispensaries are listed on sites like Click that link. You'll find "medical" distribution centers named things like Funky Nugs Concierge in Phoenix, or the Pot Spot in LA. If you read the customer reviews on weedsmap by the users of the various clinics they have nothing to do with health issues or medicine.

Big image

Transformed Group Service Project: Consider Angel's Attic

As part of our Transformed small group campaign we encourage each Life Group to prayerfully find a way to serve this fall. Serving is part of being a disciple. Your group project can be as simple as a one-time project you do together in a half day, or it could be part of something longer term or on-going.

One area of service we especially want to highlight for your consideration is the Angels Attic in Sarasota. Angle's Attic has been a ministry of hope for Sarasota and Bradenton since it was founded in 1990.

And now that they are in a permanent building, a former real estate office, there is need for people to help in a variety of ways.

  1. Donations of key items: furniture, housewares/small appliances (the shelves are depleted), baby and young children's clothing and toy. Consider a group "goods drive" where you gather housewares, children's clothing, furniture, and other items a family in crisis would need, or a mom moving into her own place with nothing would need.
  2. Volunteers willing to help with sorting, distribution at the Attic, and pick up of larger donated items
  3. Remodeling help. Already a couple of our members are assisting with some shelving, but plans are being drawn to move walls, consolidate two baths and a small kitchen (it was a real estate office) into just one area in order to free up more room in the not too distant future. Stay tuned!

To discuss a particular project, or get ideas, contact Stacy Kolbe directly by email or phone 941-350-8841

For best results, forward this UPDATE to your Life Group via email