by will chrisos


Perseverance is can be defined in may different ways either by a sentence or a word. It is defined by character, if you want to preserver you have to have good character through out life. If something go bad or wrong don't give up be resilience and keep going forward.

Jackie Robinson (Cause and effect)

The reason why the noble experiment started happened because they wanted to bring blacks into the mlb and hope to wipe racism all over. If branch rickey hadn’t brought Jackie robinson into the mlb there still could be racism going on right now. Then mlb was racism free same to the whole world. Jackie Robinson wanted to open the gate for blacks but not enough have been try to walk on that path. Due to the lack of mlb black players there a not a lot black fans in the arena. This explains what Jackie was trying to do but know blacks wants to walk down the path.

Losing to win (Problem and solution)

arroll county, Tennessee as a 12.3 unemployment rate and a 919.6 poverty rate. Carroll county isn’t the best neighbor would most of the people there have anger, drug, alcoholic, runaways, no parents, alalochi parents or drug parents. Carroll academy take is bad kids in and turn them out. The girls basketball team the lady jags have a 212 game losing streak and in 14 years only won 6 games. No one has really ever played basketball on the team but what it is really meant for is to show how to persevere and the adversity they will need to come through in life. All of the people who said that they were bad over and over again they persevere through that until the went to Carroll academy.

Kid President (Description)

Robby Novak is best known as Kid President. He is a youtuber with his brother in-law and eloquent spoken kid.He has a life-long chronic condition called osteogenesis.What osteogenesis does is that it make a lack of normal collagen needed to form strong bones. Like lets say if you fall off your bike a kid without osteogenesis get a couple scrape but a kid with it breaks a leg. Despite these adversities, he remains still remains a kid with a passion for being a president. He tries every single day to not hurt himself and everyday is like a victory for him. If you can say anything nice you’re not thinking hard enough- Robby Novak (a.k.a Kid President)

Sequence Mike oher

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