Individual Project Creative Breif

By Amaya Hamilton

Background Summary

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Client: Performing Arts LIving Learning Community in McCormick Hall

Service: Living Learning community for first years students interested in the Performing Arts

- A living learning program open to first-year students with an interest in the performing arts, providing students with the opportunity to interact with others who share similar interests in a welcoming environment.

Performing Arts Living Learning Community (PAC)


P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } Project: The project is to create everything need for the PAC. This includes designing things such as door decs, wing decorations, blog, twitter, instagram, and print materials. Opportunities: This project offers an opportunity to create an identity for the community. To show what the theme will be and to build a site or social media that would help to strengthen the bridge between both students and parents as well as other involved in the community.

Three Main Objectives:
-Design wing theme including door decs, poster, wing decoration
-Create print materials for parents and residents
-Create social media such as a blog, twitter, and instagram

SWOT analysis

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  • Strengths: Great opportunities, build friendships, become involved with the arts, has a logo

  • Weaknesses: no website so far, dont know who the resident will be, don't know what they activities will be

  • Opportunities: opportunities to create a community, opportunities to create media, digital, or interactive things for both residents and parents

  • Threats: not enough people will sign up

    • I discovered the information from having been a past RA and seeing the problems and struggle with getting a living learning community off the ground



I cannot say what my audience is because never before has there been a living learning community like this. I do know they will all be first year females who have some interest in the performing arts.


P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }There are none because this is only program that offers this type of living experience. It could be said that other residence hall are competitors however, if a student is interested in this they will not go anywhere else.


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the tone should be professional, especially if parents, donors, sponsors ect. Will be seeing the material however it should also be lights, open, fun and innovative.


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The message is to inform or stay connected. We want people to look at the materials and know what is going on and see what people are doing. There is also a possibility of how people can get involved.


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There is a logo but other then that there are no other pictures or visuals. Any other visuals will need to be created


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I am reporting to myself in some way because a wing theme and items created and up to my discression however I would also be reporting to my hall director because twitter and other media like that are public and she would need to approve that.