LV Technology

By Scott Ciamarichello

Typing Web

We type for 5 minutes as a warm up.

By the end of the semester we have to past the intermediate cores in typing .

I am at the advance typing course for typing.

Hakiu Deck

We made a presentation about our dream jobs.

I wanted to be a cop when I grow up.

One of our expectations that we had to do was what college we were planning to go to.

Explain Everything

We had to a math problem.

I did a easy math problem.

I explained the math problem.


We had to get to stage 6/7 to get a 3.

I got to stage 6.

Coding is easy in a way.

Career Locker

I got to see the prices for college.

Mrs VandenBoogaard was the teacher for the class.

I am planning to go to UW Madison


We got to make a iTrailer about anything in our lifes.

Some people did it about there family .

I did that about a teddy bear.