Respiratory System

By: Evan Scherer

Main Function

Its main function is to supply blood with oxygen.

It does this by breathing

What organs make up the Respiratory System

1: The airways
2: The lungs
3: The Muscles of respiration

What is each organs function

The airways: To warm, Moisturize, and filter air
The lungs: A pathway for air
The muscles of respiration: Act as a pump to get in air and out air

Could a person survive without this system

No, We would not be able to breath. AT ALL

Why is the Respiratory sytem important to the human body

It gives us the ability to breath Oxygen and release Carbon Dioxide

3 Disorders associated with the respiratory system

1. Asthma
2. Fibrosis
3. Bronchitis

How do we make sure that it remains helathy

You get lots of exercise, drink a lot of water, and eat lots of nutrients